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the end of day 1….does it get easier!!!?

Home » Topics » Surgical Journey » Pre- Weight Loss Surgery » The Pre-op Liver Shrinkage or Milk Diet » the end of day 1….does it get easier!!!?

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    Hi all,
    Im new to all of this so please be patient with me!Need to share that started milk diet today and am feeling quite emotional,how i will ever do 2 weeks of this is totally beyond me.Get waves of hunger that makes it feel unbearable but passes quite quickly.Surgery date is 2 weeks today novemeber 1st and i dont have any worries about that yet just need to get through the milk diet!!Any words of support would be appreciated….can feel quite isolating this journey but i know others have gone before me and that gives me strength x


    Hi Shells.
    I’ve just had my surgery and all is good. I found the first few days of the milk diet a bit of a struggle but after 2 or 3 days it gets easier. I bought some of the Crusha milkshake flavours to go in the milk, that was nice and I got a variety of oxo flavours and chose a different one each night for a change. The 2 weeks will soon go and you’ll be surprised when you see how well you did on the diet.
    Hope this helps and keep going.
    lol Batesy xx


    Hi Shells :welcome: to the forum
    I can only agree with batesy re Crusha and Oxo. Also sugar free jelly was a god send to me seemed to fill me up.
    Others have also made a milk jelly which I did not try. Keep going you are doing great and surgery very close.
    Let us know if we can help any further best wishes xxx Where are you having your surgery.


    Hi Shells,
    It does get easier and it is probably the last diet your ever need do. Please try to persevere…
    Keep yourself as busy as you can without going completely mad, if hunger persists try drinking luke warm water ( if you can fit anymore fluids in)
    Remeber why we need to do this diet, for shrinking the liver ( a very soft organ ) that needs to be moved during surgery…THe smaller it is the better. Fewer complications are likely.. So all for good reason huney, Its not being nasty…it necessary..

    In a few weeks it will be unbelievable how your mind set changes with foods…. your have to remind yourself to eat…

    It is an incredible journey, even better with online support for when you need it..

    Welcome on board…

    Too slimfinity…..

    Buzz xx

    pink lady

    I really struggled with the pre op diet and I was always hungry. But what got me through was I kept reminding my self it was my last diet I would ever have to do. And the surgery has changed my taste buds and my attitudes to food completley. I had my surgery 6th October. Only 2 weeks ago its amazing surgery done by amazing Surgeons and amazing staff and care afterwards. I feel fantastic. Shaw somers is a real celebrity and my hero a bit like the David Beckham of football. I love him and the whole team. X


    Hi Shells and welcome to the forum…

    Most people do find the milk diet a lot easier after the first 2 or 3 days… you may get some headaches which is the carb withdrawal, but again they pass. Make sure you are getting your 2 litres of water in a day… When I did the diet, after the first couple of days, I found that I was drinking so much with the milk, water and oxo drink and the sugar free jelly on top of that, that I was almost waterlogged and wouldn’t have had any room for food anyway! 😉 LOL

    If you do get the crusha to mix it up a bit, make sure you get the sugar free crusha. Some other things you can try are: a few drops of vanilla flavouring in your milk, milky coffee – there are also some sugar free syrups, made by Da Vinci that you can add to the milk or your coffee.

    Stick with it, it does get easier and as the others have said, it is soo worth it not only for the main reason of making your liver smaller and more maleable which makes your surgery easier for your surgeon, but also for the great kick-start to your weight loss and the fact that it gets you used not chewing, making the first couple of weeks post op, when you are on sloppies and purees, seem like a real treat! 😉

    Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.

    Take care


    Hi Shells, Just finished my 2 weeks and surprised to find I’ve already lost 1 stone. I weighed myself after a few days and that gave me the incentive to keep going. I have my surgery tomorrow and am now quite worried I didn’t have any worries before I guess it’s just nerves and the fear of the unknown. Good luck keep going it does get easier HONESTLY it does.xx


    Best wishes Irene for a speedy recovery. Let us know how you get on xx


    Irene sweetheart,

    Fear Not…. Your with Proffesionals all the way….
    Your adventure is about to begin…. your new life is just one sleep away…

    Bless ya cotton socks…..

    Good luck and wishing you a trouble free, painfree and uneventful recovery….

    Be sure to let us know when your home.

    The losers bench gains another victim…….

    Buzz xxx


    Hi Irene,thank you so very much for your message,wow i am inspired by you that you can even think of anyone else when your surgery is tomorrow!!! Good luck.will be thinking of you x


    Thank you all so much for your advice and support it really means so much to me.well nearly at end of day 2 of milk diet(somehow!!).there have been times today when ive thought i cant stand the hunger anymore but it passes quite really struggling to take all the fluids i need,its 19.30 now and ive only done 2 litres of milk,1 sugar free jelly and 4 cups of trying to drink cup of marmite now eeeeeeek far better on toast!!found it quite hard at work today,im a carer for the elderly with dementia and have to serve food etc so that was difficult.Anyway if you lot can do it for 2 weeks then so can i!!!im quite stubborn so that will stand me in good stead!!Have felt high as a kite at points,feels like an addrenalin rush…anyone else get that?bit like being bit tipsy!!!any tips on somthing other than marmite to drink as to be honest its making want to throw up??!!! x


    Brains thanks sweetie your words are having surgery at the clementine harrow with marco adamo.where did you have yours?how are you feeling? x


    Shells, if you make sure you are having decaf coffee, that will count towards your 2 litres of water. But it’s really important that you do get your 2 litres a day in, it’ll help stop you feeling lightheaded due to dehydration and will stand you in good stead for when you have had your op – water intake is really really important – it is a great help with the weight loss – most people who suffer weight loss plateaus post op generally find they are not drinking enough and upping their water intake normally helps, so anything you can do to make it second nature is all good.

    Keep at it, 2 days down now, only 12 more! This is definitely the hardest part.



    Hi Shells
    I had mine at Chichester by Chris Pring. Bypass on 24 jUNE 10. I have been very lucky no complications. Only had frothing / dumping twice. Cannot believe I am never hungry!!! Its so weird. I have to force myself to eat at times. Another weird thing is I only eat good things that I should now – as I understand we need to eat the protein etc first. I am amazed I have been so good!!!! Not my nature at all but determined not to fail to loose the weight. I am seeing Chris Pring for review 1 Nov and assume he will say all Ok and see you again in 3 months. As I had op privately I do not get invited back to Chichester to see dietican etc but think I can go if I wish as all part of the deal. In regards to how I am feeling I have been A1 since day after. Estatic about the weight loss, my clothes feel great and people have begun to comment I look well which is encouraging. Health wise also doing great diabetes gone, blood pressure now normal and off all medications which was the main reason for surgery.
    I am sure you will be fine too but please ask away anything.
    take care xx


    I am on day one of the milk diet and struggling already, i feel so waterlogged with all the fluids!!! i feel like i need some rough food to soak it all up!!! any advice welcomed!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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