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Tell Us Your Op Date (Bypass)

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    Hi folks, quick question… My date is booked and I start Pre op diet tomorrow. I just wondered if anyone else had got emotional at this stage?! I keep getting really teary feeling like I’ve failed to lose weight “normally”. I wonder if it’s because I’m not telling people apart from close friends and family… So I guess I’m trying to put off making plans and it’s now turned into a big secret… Please tell me I’m normal!! X


    Hey big congrats firstly . Yes you are normal I certainly had those feelings and I’m sure others will say same . I am now 5 months post op 5 st 10 lighter and sooo pleased I did this , best decision ever .

    All the best .

    Katherine . X x

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    Hi. As Kathy said. Completely normal. I too am 5 months post op and just over five and a half stone light and very near target already. It’s the best thing I did! Good luck. You’ll be do happy on the losers bench x


    Thank you so much for that, I am really looking forward to having it done, just keep having these emotional wobbles you know?! Claire x x


    Hi Clarabella

    As the others have said, you are so normal, I had a teary stage too when I was approaching my op date. I did so well on the milk diet I did think of continuing and cancelling the op, but that was a fleeting thought that went as quickly as it came in the time it took me to walk for the tea point to my desk !!!!

    Your going to get all sorts of emotions running through your head over the next couple of weeks until your op, just hang in there. I, like you have not told anyone outside of my immediate family, (hubby, two kids and sister) mainly because I didn’t want the big song and dance and have to explain myself to all in sundry and you have by no means failed, as you put it. This is you recognising that you need help, asking for it and getting it, we on this forum, and others besides have all been there, you’re not alone.

    You don’t say where you are, is there a good support group near you that you could go to. If not we’re all here for you so don’t go through this alone when you don’t have to.

    Take care and let us know how you get on, there’s always room on that bench..



    Hey Lesley, thank you for your message, it’s so hard isn’t it?! I am doing great one minute and then the next when I talk about it I well up and get all choked up. I am thinking of the end result and that keeps me going… Im in Basingstoke so I’m not quite sure where my nearest support group would be. I’m having my bypass at Guildford.

    Thanks again for your message,
    Claire x x


    Hi Clarabella,

    You are sooooo normal. It is an emotional rollercoaster, so all the fun of the fair is coming your way. And it is soooooo worth it. Life is so much better on the other side once you have had your op there will still be ups and downs with the emotions, more ups than downs the main downs are the WEIGHT going down…… LOL
    Good Luck Will be thinking of you.


    Hi Clarabella,

    I can totally sympathise – I’m having mine done on the 14th. Sure in a few months we will be wondering why we were worried!

    When do you start the diet?



    I’m in on the 14th dec also , r u at Chichester ? X


    Yes I am – with Shaw Somers. Are you?


    Yes , look forward to meeting you on the ward , x


    Aww wishing I was at Chichester too!! I’ve not heard of anyone else having it done at Guildford?! How are you finding the Pre op diet? X


    I was very teary… Especially when I had to pay the bill…… Lol

    Love John xxxxx


    Pre op diet , it’s a struggle , feel so hungry , and only on day 2 , had pre op diet back in may , and did not feel as bad as I do now , maybe it’s the time of year or maybe it’s because it’s second time round for me ,


    Lol John, yes I hear ya!

    I’m on day 4 of Pre op diet, am kind of getting used to it and trying so hard to ignore food, really hard when cooking for two fussy kids that then leave it!

    X x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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