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    Adam all the best, so there is a chance you will be in over Christmas what a way to get out of the washing up!
    Wishing you well Lucky


    Hi All,
    well I have my date for my gastric band Jan 26th 2012 ! , have been reading posts almost daily on here for past 6 months, I honestly dont think there is anything else i need to know !!

    Very encouraging to read how well the likes of John, Nettie and Hides are doing, hope to follow in your footsteps , have ordered Carol balls wls recipe book, also another book called the lap band solution, both are xmas presents so will look forward to reading them after xmas ! I am having op at gatwick spire with the lovely Chris pring…
    would be great to hear from any other newbies having band in Jan .:hand:

    I hate milk ! so will be following the low carbohydrate diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery, that looks like it will be the hardest part !, but will enjoy christmas to the max first ! ( oops naughty )

    Pauline x


    Good luck Pauline, had mine on the 6th October at Gatwick with Mr Pring, he is very good, I am sure you’ll be fine.



    23rd Feb…..yay.
    Does anyone know…is the ward at St Richards mixed sex?


    I’m sorry I dont know the answer to your question, but I wanted to congratulate you on your date, off to read your other posts, but I may be back with questions,lol.


    OK, here I go, dont answer if Iam being too personal.
    How long did you have to wait from speaking to your GP to funding and the to getting your date?
    I would request St Richards too, so thankyou for your time


    First to Squeakyfruitbat, St Richards is a mixed ward, very small ward and you will be made to feel very welcomed and looked after very very very well by the lovely Andrea and her team.
    Pennyhaz, had my bypass last March at the lovely St Richards and so far have lost 9 stones, from the time my GP put me up for funding I waited 2 weeks to be told I had it, I then requested St Richards for my op and I waited about another 2 weeks for the paperwork to come through from them, I went down for my pre op assessment on the the 21st of Deceember 2010 and had my op on the 23rd of March 2011, so I think I was lucky as from requesting the funding and having the op was about 5 months though I think so have been less but they will tell you on here.
    Elaine xx


    Hiya thanks guys

    For me too its was about 5 months….Mr Slater was already my surgeon and wrote to PCT for funding – took about 1 month to get funding 1 month to get first appointment and it’s will be 14 weeks from that for op….BUT…. I am having a revision and I know that now in West Sussex they ask you to complete a 1 year course with the Tier 3 weight management service beofre approving funding for primary ops…this is what the man from the PCT told me…..I am also under the weight management service but as my op is revision I did not have to do the year first ……that’ just for West Sussex residents but to be honest i think it’s brill system and wish i’d had that support when i had my band…I’ve had my band removed as it’s been problematic but I do feel if I’d had access to more psychological support my regain may have been lessened??? who knows …all I do know is I’m glad the chance for ongoing support post op this time !!



    It is a mixed ward, and it is a very friendly ward. All the staff are very caring. I had my op there in October 2010 and still pop up to visit the ward from time to time as I only live 10 mins from the hospital. If you need a visitor I am available to do that for you.
    Congrats on getting your date by the way.
    Look forward to seeing you on the losers bench.


    It is mixed but I found it great to be able to speak to all the others who were there at the same time as me as well as the excellent team.

    Congrats on your date and you can now look forward to all of the changes 🙂




    It is mixed sex but I understand they try where possible to bring women and men in on different days but I guess if ppl overstay you may be mixed .


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    Hi all

    Fantastic news, just had a call from St Richards and I have been given my date for my Bypass.

    Pre op will be on 8th February and the Bypass will be done on 28th February.

    So looking forward to this.



    Great news, not so long to wait now and something to work towards, the start of the rest of your life.
    Elaine xx


    yay…..5 days after me!! whoop whoop!! xx


    Hi all

    Anyone else been offered the 28th


Viewing 15 posts - 916 through 930 (of 1,050 total)
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