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    ruby tuesday

    Thank you both – glad it was helpful Zoz, and gosh, your pre-op now, wow!! Actually think it will work out well time wise as am away at the end of July for a 2 wk house-sit, so will come back and start milk diet and then roll on good times!!


    So pleased for you really not long at all. X

    Donna O

    :sad:Still awaiting a date feel like im being fobbed off here there and everywhere ,i cant have the surgery untill they check on my antiphosphilipid condition ,my dr say’s she has sent a letter to my local hospital ,that was weeks ago now ,i have phoned the hospital and they are not much help,phoned the dr back and she doesnt know what the hosp want to do whether they want to do tests or just give her advice grrrrrr makes me cross i dont want to miss my opportunity to have the surgery ,im so scared they wont do the surgery now because of this hassle.Just feel like im banging my head against a brick wall :frusty:

    Sally Bailey

    Hiya Donna

    Sorry to hear you are having such a frustrating time of it.

    Which hospital are you dealing with? Are you NHS? This isn’t just me being nosey, it makes s differnce to your overall experience and how we can all get together to help you.

    Try to keep things in perspective and be aware that hospitals deal with thousands of people daily so things tend not to move too quickly. I know that doesn’t help you when you are feeling so down but a positive mental attitude can help with the inevitable waiting 🙁

    Hope you keep in touch and get some good news soon.

    Sally xx


    I had a similar situation a few years back when my daughter’s ‘urgent’ referral from acute admissions at St Thomas’ to Urology at Guy’s went astray. In the end I asked the name of the secretary to the receiving (or not receiving) Doctor and once I had established a personal connection with them they found it at the bottom of the in tray of someone away for 3 weeks still with ‘urgent’ attached. I must admit I wondered what would have happened had I not been English speaking assertive and educated – no hope. So keep nagging, if you are anywhere near go in person and sort it out – even better than phoning. Good luck.

    ruby tuesday

    Sorry to hear that Donna, but I loved your little man banging his head against the wall – how clever!! Waiting is so frustrating isn’t it, you gear yourself up to ring and try to find out what is happening and end up none the wiser. I think the worst part is the lack of control you feel. Just try to calmly persue the matter, asking what happens next for you, emphasising you do not want to delay the surgery. best wishes.


    Hiya Ruby T

    Wow – I’ve been away for only a week and look what happens whilst i’ve been away. I’m sooooo pleased for you. Only 54 more sleeps to go….

    Hope to see you and Doodah real soon

    Tinks x

    ruby tuesday

    Welcome back Tinks, hope you had a good time? Isn’t it great – got all the paperwork through today, filled in straight away! Looking forward to seeing you too, mel has new super-thin pic up on her profile and I want to catch up with you all!! xx


    How’d it go?

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there cassi welcome … I hope all went well for you on the 21 st look forward to catching up on your progress

    Ellie x

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there ruby at last your op date is near for you, well done and congratulations. As you’ve heard a million times before mr Somers is a wonderful surgeon and you will be in safe hands there with him and his team. Won’t be long before you will be joining us on the losers bench! And I for one shall be looking forward to it.

    Good luck much love Ellie xxx


    Oh Donna sorry to hear that . Keep positive and keep pestering them it will happen . X x

    Sent from my iPhone using WLS FORUM


    Aha…… a its a date…… a wonderful date…… a date that will be shared with all the very special occasions you hold so dear…. a date to go down in your history…. great news, chuffed for you and soooo looking forward to seeing you progress into the women you want to be….. its going to happen sure enough….
    Good luck.

    buzz x


    Hi Donna,

    Frustrated? Its all a question of being persistant sometimes….
    I am sure no one is fobbing you off, just trying to understand any complications I expect, this is major surgery rememebr and no surgeon would take unecessary risks with peoples lives.

    If their is a chance of any complications concerning medical conditions it has to be looked into.
    Hopefully, they will get things sorted and at least have the decency to keep you informed….
    I know chasing the pen pushers is so very frustrating when all you want to do is get to the starting line……

    Your ready in your mind I expect, keen as mustard and raring to go….. champing at the bit…
    So use some of that energy to progress things yourself…

    Phone, write, mail, text…do everything you can in being persistant but polite 🙂

    Keep your head… banging it against walls hurts….lol..

    Chin up…. and hopefully some good news for you soon..

    All the best

    Buzz xx

    ruby tuesday

    Buzz, you are such a sweetie, and I hope you are ok after all your travelling, and we get to catch up. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 841 through 855 (of 1,050 total)
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