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    Good luck Anne!

    You are about to start the most exciting journey of your life! Please keep in touch and of course your place on the losers bench is safe!

    Doodah x


    good luck you are in the best place and you will be so glad you did it!


    Good luck for tomorrow, you are in very safe hands at Chichester, they are the best. Guess we will all have to shuffle along a bit on the losers bench but you will be more than welcome.
    Elaine xx

    betty boo

    Wishing you good luck, im off on the 24th too, so ill be meeting you soon on the losers bench

    Ms Ellie

    Wishing you all the very best good luck xxxx


    Good luck – I’m there 20th for my 1st assessment !

    Katherine . X

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    Wow – the first day of the rest of your life tomorrow – it will be amazing. Keep well and happy and you will be great. We are all shuffling up for your already xx

    Get ready to think of your dreams for when you drift off – will it be a lovely beach with the warm sun and a gentle breeze or skiing down a beautiful mountain with the wind rushing by or will be be oh no madam you need a much smaller size in that!!!

    Good luck and think positive thoughts.


    Good luck for tomorrow your very special day. lol Batesy xx


    Hi Ann,

    Just moved up on the losers bench ready for you.
    Good luck tomorrow.
    Will pop in to the ward on Thursday afternoon as promised.

    ANN410 wrote:
    done my time, tomorrow at chichester for my long awaited bypass, feel so nervous. thank you all for the support and advice you have given me , where would i be without you all. for all you out there on the start of your journey, good luck and for all you post op, please make a seat for me on the losers bench, x x x x

    Good luck and keep us posted. I’m in with Betty Boo next Tuesday so we will all be squashed up on the bench!

    Will be thinking of you.


    Could not work out on my iPhone how to start my own thread but I too also got the green light at Chichester yesterday so huge relief and cannot wait now to begin the rest of my life . Met about 4 other lovely patients who all got green lights too so hope to see you all on the ward post op!


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    Donna O

    I got the green light yeterday also at chichester i think we met kath c ,i cant wait to start my new journey im sooo looking forward to it ,but also a little scared of having the op incase i dont come back,but hey i cant turn down an opportunity of a lifetime just because im scared .Met alot of lovely people yesterday hope i will be in with at least one of them it would be good to have a familiar face to talk too.


    great news, I know how you feel I was walking on air for weeks after I got the go ahead, well done Summer and let us know your date.

    Again, huge congratulations.


    Kay Brisco

    Hi, I had my bypass done on the 19th May by Shaw Somers,so just over the 4 weeks now. You must be back at home now so I hope that you are coping o.k. I wanted to contact you as I also live in willesborough nearby,and wanted to let you know that you can contact me should you have any worries or concerns, kay x


    hi all , as promised my update, had my surgery on Wednesday, unfortunately due to unforeseen problem it was not safe to carry on with my bypass, it was discovered i have Situs inversus totalis, a complete reversal of all my organs and heart, Mr Tim John did my surgery, my emotions are all over the place at the mo to say the least, saw Guy Slater the following day, feel reassured that it may be possible for me to have bypass, so back to waiting game for me . one thing i would like to say is the staff were fantastic , i felt the right decision was made and fingers crossed i will join you on the losers bench.

Viewing 15 posts - 781 through 795 (of 1,050 total)
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