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    Hi Marie

    Welcome to the forum! I was banded by Tim John (lovely man and great surgeon!) back in Nov ’09 in Chichester. I have since lost over 8 stone and am loving life!

    Best of luck for your surgery next week and any questions, just ask.

    Take care


    Hi Marie,
    Welcome to the forum we are a friendly bunch and will help and support you as much as we can. I had my bypass done 5 weeks ago at St Richard’s by Mr John and he is a lovely man, you will be in very safe hands. As I said I had my bypass done 5 weeks ago and I have lost 40lbs so far. Good luck with your op next week, not that you need it with Mr John doing and keep posting.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx

    miss missy

    best of luck youre gutted youre missing the wedding!!!!not.cant think of a better alternative way of spending the day.xx


    NOW -the fun begins
    Best of luck on your WL Journey John

    mandy welch

    GOOG LUCK TO YOU, MY DATE IS 24th May, so hope to hear from you soon.


    Mine has been temporarily put on hold.. grrrr apparently they want to do three MRSA swabs to “double check” which have to be done a week apart so i have to wait an extra three weeks… and then i will be called with another date.. not happy bunny.. 🙁



    Thanks so much for your replies, had found another forum and no one seemed to use the same team of surgeons or clinics that i was using and was getting worried, you have put my mind at rest. xxx


    Hi there, I am also on my pre-op diet 7 days of the milk diet, im on day 2 now its not too bad im sure i will get through it but i cant wait for it to be over lol. /im being done on the 5th May at the BMI Hampshire clinic by Tim John. Good luck with your op. marie xxl.

    John Pullen

    Thanks to all for your kind wishes. Am now back at home on the first day of the rest of my life. Amazed to have lost 27 lbs on the milk diet !?!?!? OMG a good start to the journey! Will look for the right area now to place post off posts! Thank you everyone.

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Marie

    Glad you found us! Good luck for thursday!! Tim John is an excellent surgeon – you will be in very safe hands. don’t forget to come back and let us know how you got on!

    Sally x


    Just checking your ok John?
    Early days are tiring as you recover, but no doubt your be feeling pretty good soon.

    I am local if you need anything…. Aldwick..
    We really should try to catch up sometime………

    Next Hayling support group is next Monday if your up for a few ours out…..
    I drive and need an assistant co pilot……

    All the best buddy. I will PM you my number

    Buzz ( Andy )

    Sally Bailey

    My point is, YOU NEVER KNOW what may happen so to plan so precisely your time off may not be a good idea!

    Very wise advice Kris. Nothing is set in stone.

    Hope you got a resolution x

    Sally Bailey

    Hi John

    Hope everything went ok!! Hope to see a post from you as soon as you feel up to it.

    Sally x


    Where is your operation? I am Clementine Churchill on 24th…. pre op next Tues….


    Best of luck to you both
    looking 4wards to updates
    you both made me laugh about the loo
    you will be there a lot as that’s how fat comes off
    through your urine
    wishing you both a gr8 WL Journey
    it sure is one hell of a rollercoaster ride !!!

Viewing 15 posts - 751 through 765 (of 1,050 total)
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