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    Lindy I am so happy for you, its all systems go now … keep up the good work with the smoking. :hug:

    xx P xx


    Lindy Loo, well done and August is just around the corner. Off to bed now as my eyes can hardly keep open!! xx

    Ms Ellie

    :whoo::whoo: Lindy Loo wont be long now sweetcheeks xxx

    Aha Lindy Loo makes the starting gate…. shes under starters orders……..

    I could make this journey a horse race lol over the jumps and hurdles of course….

    Time will fly by Lindy, your have plenty of time to calm your nerves get yourself set…

    Your an achiever, you have proved that allready….. well done sweetheart… and I do hope jammy gave you the flowers….

    Buzz xxx


    Fantastic Lindy Loo I am so pleased for you. Time flies so the wait will not be long.
    So proud of you to re stopping smoking you have tremendous courage xx :high5:
    Brains xx


    Thanks for all your encouraging messages and support. I am not courageous its just I have to think cig or op all the time.
    I didn’t tell you yesterday, Mr Halstead had forgotten he had told me to stop smoking and I was worried I had not done it soon enough. I honestly thought they may have a machine that measured the effects of smoking. However, I have heard stories of people being turned away ( after being admitted) because they smoked. These were not necessarily WLS. Our local authority are so strict about smoking.
    The weather is too hot for me again, so I think another sleepless night!!!!!!!
    Lindy Loo


    That’s great news Lindy Loo! I’m very happy for you.
    Your post reminded me about a few questions I have for you guys. *laugh*
    Please don’t think I’m too stupid.
    1. what does jammy mean?
    2. how does your health system work? Is it all free?



    jammy means someone who always comes out on top. You can now impress your friends with.
    Our public health service (NHS) is free to all and is paid for by anyone that works by paying National Insurance Contributions out of their salary. It is a good system in principle, however with bariatric surgery ( and other treatments) it is a postcode (zip code) lottery whether you get the treatment. In each district their is a Primary Care Trust and this committee makes the rules for each district. Now if you want to pay for your treatment you can by private medical insurance or your own money. Some NHS hospitals offer private care or there are private clinics. Now some private clinics take nhs patients and the monsy from the PCT follows them. This is a bit simplified but I hope it gives some insight.
    Lindy Loo


    well done ,so excited for you if we all done it you can you have the nost amazing journey ahead pet heres a big hug xxxx


    Hi Maggie,
    How is Ottowa? I lived there for a short while in Orleans but haven’t been back for 20 years. I really loved it and do still miss it.
    Have you had the op?


    Hi Everyone, the big day is nearly here. Bypass booked for monday 5th july at the clem in Harrow. Anyone else going in that day.
    Bit worried. Struggled on the milk diet, Elaine very helpful and gave me low cal diet to follow this weekend. Also struggling with hubby, not supportive at all, offering me food all the time on the milk diet, he justs wants me to stay fat. The nearer the date the more problems he is causing, he will not be visiting me in hospital he has said, too difficult for him to get there. Have been crying alot, more so the nearer we get.
    Well he will not be putting me off.
    Wish me luck.


    Fifi …. once he realises there is no turning back and you are going through with this no matter what, hopefully he will come round. Like you are going through a rollercoaster of emotions, I am sure he is too, he is probably scared, worried the unknown etc. You are doing this for you, and it will be the best decision you have ever made. Be strong, you will be fine. Don’t get upset, just keep thinking of all the positive things, there is not one person on this forum that regrets having the op, so you hold ya head high and go girl. Elaine will be with you, and Zainab the other nurse is so lovely too. If I was closer I would come to see you. Good luck, everything will go just fine, and soon you will be an expert posting on here with us. It was lovely to talk to you today, you can have your mobiles on in the hospital in your room so thats a good thing. Don’t forget your pillow for your journey home, I used mine in bed, I tucked it under my tummy to support it after the op 🙂

    Thinking of you. much love xxx precious xxx :kiss:


    Hi Fifi,
    The day will soon be here and gone and you will wonder where the time went.
    Have you asked your husband outright why he is not supporting you? You could also ask if he had the option of a longer healthier life for himself would he turn it down?
    I wish you loads of luck and to be honest, you will manage fine without visitors as there are other peole to talk to and before you know it you will be on your way home 🙂
    All the best
    Lorraine xx


    hi fifi dont you be crying we are here for you and if i could i would visit you i wud love to give you a big hug .
    be strong it is so worth it i have 10st 5lb off and 1yr post op my life is good and you have so much to look forward to .Before i had my op i cried alot to its normal let it out .I WIL BE THINKING OF YOU MONDAY URE NOT ON YOUR OWN HONEST THEY ARE A BRILLIANT GROUP xxxxx



    This is your life and your living it for you, always remember that. Your husband if not selfish is probably very scared of what’s to come. I dont know how long you’ve been together, but this is a big journey for both of you, he likes his life the way it is and you want to change, its probably very frightening for him. You will blossom and see life with a totally new perspective and as you get slimmer & slimmer he may just need reassuring. If that doesn’t help then I’d have to say more fool him. As for crying I cried for Great Britain and that was with a very supportive husband, so don’t think it’s a bad thing. Like everyone above I’ll be thinking of you and look forward to reading your posts once you’re all done. PM me your mobile and I’ll call you Tuesday, they’re such good friends on here and I had a few texts from various people which helped me sail through the experience. Lots of hugs honey.xx

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 1,050 total)
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