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    Good luck Dizzy, looking forward to hearing about your losing streak:-) ((hugs))


    Hi Dizzy & Lizzy,

    Wishing you both the best of luck at St Richards over the next few days, you really will be in the best possible hands. Here’s to seeing you both joining us on the loosing side!!!

    Bye for now,

    Theresa x


    Hi Neenee
    Was just trolling through the forum trying to find some of the posts I’d done and hopefully some answers when I came across this.

    My family would be furious if they knew what I was planning (discussed it with them a while ago) but I’ve been overweight for 30 plus years and now getting mobility problems as well as high blood pressure etc They all think I should diet & exercise (can’t see I can barely walk!) thats all I need to do according to them..if it were that easy I would have done it by now!! I plan to do this on my own with help from an aunt & close friend, the logistics of that are a nightmare but we will get through it; naturally I would love to have support from the family would make it all so much easier. 🙂 I am doing it for me so I will deal with it.

    I am thrilled that you are on your way, I’m sure that the time will pass quickly. Good luck.

    Sue x



    What a shame your family can’t see the benefits this would make to not only your life but theirs too, how selfish they are. Well never mind, you will have the full support od everyone on here throughout your journey. Thank goodness for your aunt and friend. Do you have a date yet for your assessment or op?

    All the best and if you need any help let us know. xx


    Lizzy good luck and look forward to your post op posts!! xx

    Ms Ellie

    Neenee glad you had a great holiday my love and nice to have you back, 74 days lol…. well its only 30 for my first appointment who’s counting????

    Suzie Q my darling you have your aunt, friend and you have us xxxxxxx

    Much love xxx

    Ms Ellie

    Bloomin heck……. I didnt realise that Lizzy was in to this week having her op dont time fly??? good luck girlies xxxxx


    Suzie Q as the other said you have us on here… I think the support on here is fab i’m glad I found this site 🙂

    I so understand about the pain walking is painfull every step but you just keep going I’m doing this for me and my girls I want to go out and play with them with out being breathless and in pain. Sorry going off on one



    Hi Dizzy, wishing you the very best. Also a speedy recovery. Look forward to your posts. x


    hi every body its my turn tommorow i can not belive it already here it has happened so quick i think myself very lucky that i have got this far. its my first day off which will be filled with house work and washing i realy know how to i would like to say a big thank you to all the people that have left good will messages it so nice for all the help and surport that every one gives like one big happy family i will keep you posted as to my progress and weight loss cheers lizzyx


    just to let you know dizzy has had her r-n-y today and is fine and back on the ward way to go dizzy we are all thinking of you


    Form an orderly queue…..blimey lol. Its like a chiinese production line this week…… or are the surgoens on a bonus…..

    NOPE NOPE… i got it… they are doing them all now, cramming them in so they can pop off to africa for the footy…

    Lizzy, huney, its your turn soon……. wish you a trouble free day, a quick recovery and a life time of living in your wildest dreams…..
    Just believe you can do it and you will……
    You will see miracles really do happen….

    All the best..

    Buzz xxx


    Go Dizzy,

    I am thinking of you. At this moment in time you are probably happily drifting in and out of sleep.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery
    Loadsa luv



    Well done… I got my call this am for the 9th july! also at thr pre-op on 26th too.


    Another soon to be loser joings the forum….

    Welcome Naughty….

    Look forward to your introduction and knowing if their is anything we can help with….
    Dont be shy, were all nutty losers on here sharing the same old monsters, concerns and worries… just some of us are uncontrolable fun loving lunatics

    Good luck…. and best wishes

    Buzz aka Andy (Bognor)

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 1,050 total)
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