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    I have 2 app at st richards next week, 0n 7th at 10.45 and 11th at 10am. Is anyone else going to be there? lol xx


    I go in to have my RNY tomorrow with Guy Slater, a little nervous, but mostly very excited, I was a nightmare yesterday with wanting the day to arrive, I repacked my little bag lord knows how many times 🙂 The milk diet has gone very well, a couple of ‘head hunger moments the first couple of days, but certainly no REAL hunger.Have a good day people, see you on the losing side 🙂


    Good luck tomorrow.


    All the Best for Tomorrow.


    Good luck for tomorrow. Wishing u a speedy recovery xx

    Davids Dad

    At last the journey begins in earnest, the very best to you Mimsy.
    Go girl you can do it.


    Good luck hun, go get em . xx


    Good Luck Mimsy – here’s to the begining of a happy,healthy ,and slimmer time ahead x


    Wishing you all the best Mimsy, I too were nervous on the day, it did not hit me until I walked into the hospital then finally theatre. Was the best thing ever trust me, yeah sure you will be in a little discomfort but that passes very quickly. WOO HOO go girl x

    Toni Russo

    Thinking of you today.


    Ms Ellie

    Good Luck to you

    Ellie x


    Just wondered if there was anyone else on here going in for surgery in Chichester on Saturday 13th Feb? Thought it would be nice to get to know others before op day!
    Good luck to anyone else going in around the same time xx


    Morning everyone.

    Just thought I would write a little note and let everybody know I have my op date set for Monday 8th March!! Have my pre-op on the 22nd February. Going for a bypass with Mr Shaw Somers at the Clementine Churchill. Am very excited about it all but have completely gone into panic mode!! Has anyone got the same date as me at this hospital?

    Can anyone tell me what to expect at the pre-op assessment? Have taken some advice and started to “cut down” now but am struggling a bit. Also worried about the milk diet before the op – can I still have coffee with sweetners?

    Any advice, tips, help anyone can give me would be gratefully received to put my mind at ease. Am I doing the right thing?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Amanda, fantastic news to have your date..not long to go! I also had my op (bypass) with Shaw and you couldn’t be in better hands. I am 10 weeks post op now and have lost about 3 stone. I am eating normal foods in smaller portions though I’ll always have to avoid high fat and high sugar choices and make sure I am eating enough protein but it is very manageable. I’ve rarely felt better and people keep commenting on how well I look.
    My pre-op involved some fairly standard tests on blood, heart, blood pressure etc and a questionnaire about what I expected from the op, what I could expect afterwards and some pre-op dietary advice. It took about an hour and was very straightforward and nothing to worry about.
    Like you I worried about the milk diet phase beforehand but it was easy to follow, maybe because I knew it was a means to an end it didn’t trouble me and I know for sure it made the op easier for Shaw to perform. I wouldn’t worry too much about cutting back drastically beforehand in fact eat some things that you really enjoy, without going mad, so that you don’t feel deprived. The milk diet will get things ready for the bypass op in good time.
    The one thing I did try to do was to get into the habit of not drinking with my meals since that is a real no no afterwards so the sooner you get into the routine the better.
    While you have the time also go and get your vitamins and food supplies for afterwards. A good stock of sugar-free jelly, low-fat custards, yogurts etc will be invaluable in the first few days home. I also made some soup and put it in the freezer for the end of the first week when I wanted something comforting and homely but not too bland. To begin with I bought chewable vitamins by Bassetts because I was unsure how I would cope with swallowing big tablets (I needn’t have worried because I was ok but not everyone is).
    I would also suggest you clear your diary for the first week home – I was up and about very quickly but it was good not to have any pressure to socialise if I felt tired.
    I would think you could have coffee with sweeteners but they will tell you for sure at the pre-op.

    THIS WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE FOR YOURSELF! good luck Amanda and feel free to email me with any questions at any time.


    Hi Amanda, I have just started the milk diet yesterday. I must admit I was dreading it, for a start I don’t usually drink milk or milk shakes. I do have milk in tea/coffee or over cereals but that’s about it. Also I was really worried about being hungry. I know I’ve only been on it two days but so far I have had no problems. I have the milk in a pint glass and drink it slowly. I was feeling a bit hungry this afternoon but it soon passed when I had another glass of milk. I as so excited to be having my op next Thursday that I think I would willingly live of water for a week. I am crippled with arthritus and in so much pain I can barely move so I really need this op. I have tried every diet going but can’t keep the weight off for long. So I’m pinning all my hopes on this and will follow their instructions to the letter. As Carol said they will tell you what you can and can’t have whilst on the milk diet when you go to your pre-op but you can have tea/coffee with sweetners so long as the milk you use comes out of you 4 pint allowance and you don’t have it too strong. You can also have sugar free Crusha, fat free yogurts and suger free jelly but I haven’t done that because I’m afraid if I taste a flavour I may want more or want something more substatial so I’m just sticking to the milk. The pre-op is certainly nothing to worry about. I had mine at St Richard’s Chichester and everyone was very friendly, helpful and informative. I’m sure it will be the same for you. Good luck!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,050 total)
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