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    I was warned about the effect sweets can have on a post gastric bypass patient. I was told they can cause some nasty intestinal side effects. Any experience out there?


    Hiya Teach

    What you have been told about is called ‘dumping syndrome’. It happens if you eat things that are high in fat or sugar (natural or artificial) and is truly awful. It can be anything from headache, palpitations, sweating and needing to sleep to frothing at the mouth and being sick. Some people get the ‘runs’ too. It’s a very effective tool for teaching us to avoid such foods! Rading the nutritional information labels on food thoroughly can help to avoid it.

    Hope that helps. Other people will probably be along to tell you what happens too as everyone reacts differently! I absolutely hate the ‘frothing’ which is seriously excessive saliva – YUK!

    Doodah xx


    Doodah has hit it right on the button…..
    Occasioanlly something will knock you back, its a safety device and encourages us to stick to some rules.
    You wont want to have a bad dump too often.

    but then whos to say you will??

    We all so different…. lets hope any side effects you might experience are light ones……

    Frotthing made me laugh sooooo much…… Dumping didnt…

    All the best, your most likely be fine….

    Buzz x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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