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    Ms Ellie

    @Renn 16095 wrote:

    Hello Fareham ‘Weight Consultant’ support group members

    Thank you to everyone who attended last month and I look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday 22nd June between 7pm and 10pm. Thank you for supporting my efforts to get this group up and running successfully, it is much appreciated. 18 participants…how exciting. Most are at different stages too. A warm welcome to George and Mary who bravely attended for the first time.
    Go on to my website…under Information… and make a note of all the dates for this year for your diaries. Particularly November our 1st Christmas Party evening. I have a couple of venues lined up for you and will let you know in August but please reserve the date now.
    A huge welcome for Carol Bowen Ball of Bariatric Cookery ‘Return to Slender’ fame who has very kindly fitted us in and will come and speak at our June meeting. Bring £10 if you want to buy her book or bring your copy and ask Carol to sign it on the night.
    Have a great week guys and gals and remember you can post on this wonderful free forum at anytime. Or you can personal message myself or other buddies. You can go on my website Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth and email me.
    Madeleine (Renn)

    Hey there mariahhhhhhhh (Renn) well I did finally attend your last support group meeting in may and what a fab evening it was. As you can appreciate its a four hour round trip for me so I cannot commit every month. I’m just so happy that I came to the may meeting. I just want to personally congratulate you on building up a lovely support group network for us all. Both you and bill are such a wonderful couple and have made everyone who attended your group most welcome.

    I’m sorry I’m going to miss out on carol Bowen ball’s visit, I urge anyone who can attend to go as you will come out of that meeting with a wealth of knowledge.

    Good luck

    Much love to both you and bill

    Ellie xxx


    Hello Everyone

    Just to remind you all that my ‘Weight Consultant’ support group is tomorrow evening, Wednesday 22nd June. Sorry it’s misleading on the forum calendar as it always defaults so do double check the dates of the other two items on the calendar please.
    Carol Bowen Ball will be our speaker so it will be a very informative evening. Everyone is always welcome. Her bariatric cookery book is full of recipes for you and me and will be on sale at £10 and you can save the postage too. She will be willing to sign it too, I’m sure. Last time I heard her the meeting was buzzing with excitement as she turned up with with two mouthwatering nibbles for us to try.
    It’s on at 7pm until 10pm at the Fareham Holiday Inn, Fareham. 5 mins off J9 of M27. Plenty of free parking and mobility toilets and parking too.
    See you there and bring some before and after snaps too. Always an inpiring evening made special by each and every person there.

    Madeleine (Renn on forum)



    Just emailed out my latest ‘Weight Consultant’ Newsletter Summer edition full of tips for everyone who is aiming to improve their weightloss. Just email me at Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth under ‘Information’ page to register. The ‘Spring’ back issue is also available. My clients find these tips motivating and I’m always pleased to receive feedback for the future quarterly issues. The information is not bariatric specific. As you’ll see on ‘About Madeleine’ on my Newsletter I am qualified and have experience myself with weight management. I shall be studying more Nutrition and Image Consultancy ( abit like Gok Wan does) this year so will add these to my portfolio of skills too.
    I have a real passion for my work and it’s only thanks to Shaw Somers and his team that I have been able to lose 13 stones and keep it off since April 1st this year. Slim after 35 years in the dieting ‘yo-yo’ wilderness many of you know so well.
    Enjoy your day… it’s sunny in Gosport.
    Madeleine (Renn on forum)


    Hi All

    Just wanted to post a thread where people can post their surgery date and which hospital they are in so people can come visit and offer some support. I know I would love to when ever possible as I live so close to Chichester hospital.




    Hi Emily

    What a lovely idea! You’re such a sweetheart for suggesting this xxxxx

    Doodah x

    Sally Bailey

    Emily has come up with the excellent idea of visiting anyone having wls at your/their local hospital to set up a chain of support right from the beginning of the journey. Please feel free to use this thread to co-ordinate visitors and visitees.

    Huge thanks to Emily for suggesting this.

    Sally Bailey x


    No worries Im full of ideas 🙂

    I hope its helpful for people who are feeling nervous I know I was when I went in.

    Cant wait to see who posts saying they are in Chichester so I can go in.

    Emily xx


    Well I try hahaha. Well I know some people travel a long way and dont always have the luxury to have family and friends with them so I thought when I can I would love to pop in and say hello and offer some friendly support as I live so close to Chichester hospital.

    Maybe Chichester hospital could have my number to call me if they feel someone needs a friendly face…



    Hi Emily

    I went to visit someone I’d been talking to for ages online and on the phone. He had no-one to stay with him on the morning of his op so i went along and stayed with him until he went into theatre. We are now the very best of friends and speak to each other every day and meet up as often as we can. So, it can be the start of lifelong friendships too.
    Brill idea xxx

    Doodah x


    Aww thats so sweet. Its all help at the end of the day and we have all been or going to go through the same thing so why not help.



    I have been doing this for a while. I will visit anyone who needs/wants a visit. There are people who come from all over and their families can’t always visit. I am more than happy to continue doing so. I enjoy the visits. I remember when I was in someone came up to visit the ward and was so negative I just wanted her to go away, I was behind the screen and she just kept on and on about what hurt and how awful this and that. Not what you want to hear. Thankfully I didn’t take any notice of her I haven’t had her experiences.
    I think it is good if people are positive in their outlook they can help people who are shaking with nerves (as we all do) when we go in for our op. It is just the fear of the unknown.


    The lovely Irene came to visit me when I was in hospital and it was lovely to see someone who had come out the otherside of the op.When I was down a couple of weeks ago Irene and I met up for coffee and a natter and then we went up to the ward to see the lovely Andrea and who ever was in, in fact I make a point of visiting the ward when I get down there, it is always nice to see a friendly face.
    Elaine xx


    Irene is one of life’s treasures – end of :-))


    There really is such lovely thoughtful people on this forum I’m so pleased I joined.
    I am having surgery at Chichester but not till 13th September so a little way off but would be very happy if someone or someones popped in to say hi.
    I’m so excited but I’m sure I will be nervous when my time comes:-)

    Summer x

    Sent from my iPhone using WLS FORUM


    Hi summer

    Will do my best to be there Hun.

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