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    ruby tuesday

    Hi to everyone I met at the support meeting at the holiday inn, segensworth. Really glad I went, it was great to meet people at all different stages, shame I am away when the next one is on.

    Doodah, you are so helpful, and I have loads of questions! L, who I set next too, good luck for your op this May, hope to see you again and hear how it goes. Met a lovely lady five weeks post-op who is looking very well, and felt so encouraged to hear she was ok and loosing weight – would love to hear how you are now.

    Still trying to decide whether I should go for bypass, or not, but I would so like to be thin again – just dont think I can do it on my own. best wishes to all


    Hi Ruby T

    I agree with you. It was great to meet such an encouraging and supportive group of people all at different stages. I’m thinking i won’t be at the next meeting either as i’ll be about 2 wks post op then and may not feel up to it. However i’d be hoping to go to the one after that and it would be great to meet you again and learn how you’re getting on with your decision making.

    Doodah – i’ve tried to private message you since the meeting but don’t seem able to as i get a message back saying you’re not accepting private messages.



    Hi to everyone

    Glad you all enjoyed the ‘Weight Consultant Fareham support group. It’s still a baby as only 3 months since I started it but it works well at Fareham and half way between Buzz’a great group at Hayling Island that’s been going for almost a year I think. Streamline Surgical does most of what we need but it cannot give us this group support which I think is so necessary for us all whatever stage we’re at. Thanks to all the inspirational members who give so much between meetings. You know who you are because it’s every single one of you. Do read my website too at Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth and go to ‘Information’ to sign up for the regular quarterly free Newsletter. Have a great week Losing and enjoy the sun. See everyone next month.
    Bye from Renn (Madeleine) (‘Weight Consultant)


    Hi guys. Have changed my settings and can now accept private messages. Please feel free to contact me any time you like. I will give you my email address and phone number.

    It was absolutely brilliant to meet you. We are a friendly bunch! I couldn’t be without the gang now! wait till you meet the other – they are amazing.

    Hope you are having a great long weekend. Love Doodah (Sue) xxxx


    Hiya Ruby

    You should do what you KNOW in your heart is right for you, even if others have doubts. I will support you no matter what you decide. We all know it’s not too hard to lose weight – it’s the maintaining it that makes us all need the extra help that wls gives. PM me and I will give you my private contact details xxx

    Doodah xx


    Hi All,
    There probably won’t be too much interest on this Forum as most posts tend to be from and aimed at
    recently banded /bypass patient. However longer term patient’s, when their weight losses stop or become difficult
    as restriction goes and hunger returns have VERY DIFFERENT needs.
    I am a fully trained trainer by profession and do truely believe from my own experiences that knowledge is power.

    I have been approached by some people who think that there is a real need for this sort of help and advice.
    I envisage that the support group would be primarily training based mainly around how we go about learning
    new behaviours and developing ”coping”stratergies so after we lose a lot of weight we don’t go back to our old ways and issues towards food. And it would take the form of interactive workshops where we can share ideas as well as best practice.(As well as learn from EACH OTHER)We all know the great MR SOMMERS /SLATER/PING /JOHNS and co only operate on the anatomy NOT on the mind which is where most of our
    issues with food and eating started.
    It is this very point that needs addressing and looking at in more depth.

    It would have informative yet fun sessions about the following subjects;-

    Issues with food
    Turning to Food for comfort
    WHY do we do it?
    HOW can we stop this self sabotage?
    WHAT coping stratergies can we set in place
    Personal problems as a result of weight loss
    Being KIND to ourselves ( & not beat ourselves up!)

    I would welcome any/all comments to see what your thoughts are
    and IF there is enough interest in a group like this
    As one thing YOU CAN ALL BE CERTAIN OF
    YOU WILL ALL be long term post op one day -soon
    Time flies and 2 3 4 5 years post op soon comes around but it is very very frustrating on forums like this when all the needs and info and questions etc all directed towards new and recent bypass and banders
    I know many people who no longer post on the forum just for this reason alone.
    Please let me know
    and if you think its not needed I won’t be offended in the least
    Just trying to see what if any interest there maybe before
    I start the business of writing training workshops.
    Thank you all for your time xxx


    What an absolutely excellent idea still,

    Would you consider me as an old timer bearing in mind Im some 18 months out and pretty much stopped at six months?
    Not quite at my goal weight, and begining to fall back into old habbits …I for one could do with your help….
    I am maintaining, but really not sure for how long if I dont get in some sort of control……
    Never known where to look before….

    Count me in…. I know your a wise one….. and work so hard….. I need your help….. and others who are past the honeymoon period.

    Buzz x


    As Buzz says, a great idea, i’m 18 months out now, and those issues are definitely beggining to be there again. Having to try harder to stay on track, but funnily when i think about it a lot easier than before wls.

    Anyway i can help or be involved would be great.

    Andrea x

    miss missy

    wot a brill idea for when we get to the stage your at and are struggling.would it be set up thru this forum or would it be at various meetings?xxxx


    @miss missy 14711 wrote:

    wot a brill idea for when we get to the stage your at and are struggling.would it be set up thru this forum or would it be at various meetings?xxxx

    I don’t know yet as am only in the thinking stages not planning as I would need to look at costs involved etc for renting a training room venue
    and need to see what interest there is -or not?
    There just seems to be nothing out there regarding training
    there are many ”support” and touchy feely style meetings but I am actually more interested in training workshops where we work together and actually have homework style projects after each weekly workshop.
    I envisage it to be 3 hours maximum per interactive workshop.
    As that is very much what my job is and I have recorded data that shows significant results
    I’ll just wait a little while to see if any interest is generated
    As it takes a lot of work to write, design and develop -then deliver
    Competency based interactive training workshop sessions.


    yep Buzz you are an old timer now lol!!!


    CBT AND NLP courses are run in this way-however they only last for 6 weeks once per week
    So often only time to ”scratch” at the surface of the problem behaviours
    I was thinking about 10 to 12 weeks course
    Consisting of 1 x 3 hour training workshop per week
    with homework projects to work on at home to being back to the training group to share our experiences with the group the following week.
    Like I say its a lot of work
    to do if there is simply not enough interest
    Thank you all so much for your private messages of support
    It means so much to me xxxx


    Think this is a great idea, this is something that I have also been developing but have been slowed down by health problems post bypass. I think there is def. a need, but my main worry from my own research is that people are keen in principle but when it comes down to it committing to a course things are far less certain. Even though I eventually plan to run my own groups, I would love to attend and I feel everyone post wls would benefit from doing this, and as you will know if you teach, it is hard to apply the teachings personally without the benefit of a group environment (healer, heal thyself, and all that!)…


    BTW, there is a group running courses like this all over the country now…I haven’t attended, mind you.


    Hello Fareham ‘Weight Consultant’ support group members

    Thank you to everyone who attended last month and I look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday 22nd June between 7pm and 10pm. Thank you for supporting my efforts to get this group up and running successfully, it is much appreciated. 18 participants…how exciting. Most are at different stages too. A warm welcome to George and Mary who bravely attended for the first time.
    Go on to my website…under Information… and make a note of all the dates for this year for your diaries. Particularly November our 1st Christmas Party evening. I have a couple of venues lined up for you and will let you know in August but please reserve the date now.
    A huge welcome for Carol Bowen Ball of Bariatric Cookery ‘Return to Slender’ fame who has very kindly fitted us in and will come and speak at our June meeting. Bring £10 if you want to buy her book or bring your copy and ask Carol to sign it on the night.
    Have a great week guys and gals and remember you can post on this wonderful free forum at anytime. Or you can personal message myself or other buddies. You can go on my website Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth and email me.
    Madeleine (Renn)


    Oh bother;not sure that I’ll make the next Support Group because it’s DH’s birthday. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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