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    Hi there I’m now just over 5 weeks post bypass & I am still really struggling with eating. I feel nauseas all the time! Before I eat, whilst I’m eating & really nauseas after I’ve eaten! I’m barely eating anything because of this! My surgeon & dietician told me a couple of weeks ago it will settle but I’m just wondering if this is normal or unusual! I feel pretty miserable! We lost a very dear friend last week ‘ it seems worse since the x


    I’m having a big party for my 50th birthday next Sat & would love to feel better for that! I had to leave a friends anniversary pArty last night because I felt so rough! They said I looked really pale! :0(( pls tell me this will all go away ! I know we are all different but I’m sure you can all reassure me?!


    It will go away theresa. I had problems with nausea for a while post op and was px Maxalon tds which really helped. It took a while to settle so I had an OgD but it all sorted itself out. It’s early days my dear and your body is still healing so don’t panic but maybe speak to your gp about an anti emetic in the mean time. It may also be worth giving your team a ring and discussing with them. I sure it’s all normal stuff but they will be able to advise and put your mind at rest
    Take care
    Love Katy xx



    What are you eating, at only five weeks you should have only just moved onto the mashed food stage and still at the Ramekin portion size or smaller stage.

    Are you sure you have not rushed ahead of your self a little as its so easy to do in the early stages.



    Both Katy and Paul have given excellent advice Treeza.

    I NEVER tell anyone what to do, but, if it were ME I would contact my team anyway just to be on the safe side. You may just be doing something that is easily fixed with the right advice: such as moving on to the next stage too soon. As a rule of thumb, if something isn’t ‘right’ it can work to go back a stage and start again. However, none of us are clinicians (including me) so the best advice is that given by your team.

    It’s still very early days for you so slight blips may occur as everything settles down. Hope you manage to get it sorted by the ‘big day’ and that you enjoy every minute of it 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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