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Struggling on liquids

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    Hi all, struggling only drinking liquids and only 4 days in…..does anyone have any tips on craving solid food/chewing please? Tnx


    not really – just sympathy – any time I felt an urge to eat I either had a jelly or a chicken oxo or drank, drank, drank until I felt I might pop – just count down those days till the op – how long to go now?


    By accident the other day ( I’m on milk diet ) I had an ice cube in my drink and chewed it – it was lovely !


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    I too feel as though my teeth are redundant, day 6 of the milk diet for me so sympathise totally chubbycath, are you pre or post op??

    Nettie xx


    Nettie – redundant teeth LOL!!!


    Sugar free gum girls, but dont swallow it.
    It gives your teeth a good workout and helps with oral hygiene…. considering my op was postponed once for the abcess from hell…lol…

    Ice pops can give you crunch…..

    Perserverance… you know why its important…bless lol…

    Buzz x


    Hi ladies, I’m 6 days post op, so cant do chewing gum sadly, but ice poles are a great idea! My jaw will see action once more :)))

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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