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    This afternoon, I Noticed that one of the stictches from inside of me is coming though one of my scars from the keyhole cuts/incisions. It wasn’t there this morning. It is out by about an inch. My post-op is on the 1st February. :mmph: :fear:

    The incision feels sore.


    I had that, you can just cut the end off. That is all they will do when you go back for your 6 week sheck-up.



    cheers Lorraine. Its sore aswell. Can feel it ‘pulling’ inside.


    Hi Helen

    A few of my stiches did that, they often pulled a bit for a day or so and then it eased off (the nurse said the skin kind of sticks to the stitch so it feels like it pulls as its growing out). I was too chicken to cut mine off in case i cut the skin so i left it. If you are concerned either call the hospital or visit your gps surgery I saw the gp nurse and she said she could cut it or leave it, we ended up leaving it and it fell off after a while…it felt like ages before it fell off but it was probably only a few weeks.


    I’d not be able to leave it alone! I remember having a bit of a stitch sticking out after the band went in and the stitch was coming from the port area. Me being me (a picker) just had to pull it and it was really long! It felt like I was pulling it out forever but it was only about 2″ long and like undoing a sack of potatoes with that string you get. Not that my hole opened up but it was a really cool experience! So called disolvable stitches never seem to do that with me (having had apronectomy and thigh lift as well) and they do get really sore when they start sticking out and so I’ve always landed up digging them out. Bit macarbe I know but it made the soreness go for me. I’m just weird when it comes to things like that so other people who are a little more normal would be best to go to see their nurse or someone. I found it was more the knots in the stitches that caused me most problems and you wouldn’t believe how many of them came to the surface!


    I have just got the one stitch coming through. I am going to leave it be and let ‘Mother Nature’ take its own toll.

    I am pleased I am not the only one who has got them.

    Thanks for all your replies. Just pleased I am not alone with it…..


    Snap me too – mine took weeks and weeks to come out. I trimmed it from time to time then one day (fidling with it as I always did) it just came out….. very strange.
    Like you, to begin with I was worried it was connected to something inside and had visions of pulling on all sorts of bits and bobs and scared myself silly. Consultant offered to cut it off – but by then it became ‘my little friend’ and I was curious to how long it would take. Silly I know –

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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