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Still eating large portions after several fills

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    Hi All,had gastric band fitted 8th may 2012,have read that some people have bands of different sizes ie small/medium,apparently mine is a Swedish design one size fits all,have had two fills now totalling 7mls and I am still able to eat large meals(have had a few vomit episodes of chicken sandwich or similar come up.Am eating 3 meals a day and if pekish between meals I will eat a piece of fruit.Have only lost 2kg since may and am feeling very despondent and to be quite honest an utter failure.Am well aware that having a gastric band fitted is not a magic cure but had hoped it would have limited my portion sizes by now….Has anybody else had this experience? Please help!


    Hi there, Have you contacted your team to visit or see if you can get your band checked out? That weightloss does not see right to me after all this time and with a 7ml fill. I have only had 2 fills since my op on the 23rd March adn onlyhave 2mls in mine but the restriction is still there (not having another until after my holidays)

    i wonder if you have a leak especially if you have 7 ml in?
    Do keep us posted hun xxxx keep your chin up, you seem to be eatingthe right things


    Hi Hev
    Im a bander to and at times I can still eat larger portions most of the time I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle I had mine musy be a couple of years now some days are more than others I seem to be able to eat the rubbish still but do struggle with bread & meats at times pasta as well athough I do love salad because I have a ilostomy if I have to much it gets blocked I can get away just with having it twice in one week it’s all a bloody nightmare & wish I could of had the bypass.



    Hi guys

    I think you should both refer back to your teams to see exactly what is going on.

    In the meantime, try going right back to basics ie: soup, scrambled eggs, mash etc. High protein foods will fill you up and keep you full for longer. Also, drink as much as you can – that keeps you feeling full too. I know it’s not about actual hunger but head hunger (as it is with us all) but it certainly helps. Try to remember that even if you are not losing the amounts you would like, you are NOT gaining.

    Please let us know how you get on. Speak to your team/GP and ask for help. Wls isn’t a magic wand – it’s hard work and we all need help at some point.

    Doodah xx


    Hi Cazza,sorry to hear you are also having trouble with your band,do agree with you and wish I had gone with the bypass when I was given the choice,just feel like such a failure as this opportunity was like a dream come true of being slim again…


    Hi Hev

    Have you contacted your team yet? Don’t be afriad to, it’s what they are there for 🙂

    Doodah x



    Not going to be much help, but have you tried only dishing up small meals and making an effort to only eat what you dish up and no more, it will help you get your head around portion size when you do get you fill levels resolved. The whole idea of having a band or bypass is that you quickly find out your intake limits otherwise if you eat untill that full feeling you will spend more time in the toilet loosing your lunch than anything else. Try forcing yourself to only dishing up and thus consuming a small meal. Then when you do get the fill level correct you will find it much easier.

    But as been said above you do need to see your team to find out why you have not got the level of restriction you need with the amount you have in your band. That needs to be addressed ASAP.



    Good advice Paul.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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