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    I am considering wls, but I must admit I am begining to worry about my long term results. I would like to know if there is list of long term (5 years plus) results which are published.

    This is because, even on this site, people are talking about weight gain, hitting plateau’s, having to kick start their diets, starting drastic exercise plans etc etc.

    It is making me think whats the point, if I will end up struggling as I am now?:help:

    So can someone put my mind at rest and tell me that it is only a very tiny amout of people that have struggled as above.

    A list of success percentages would make it look real for me.
    Many thanks,


    I had my bypass last March at St Richards and I am now 9 stones lighter and have my life back, I have never regretted having it done. I always knew it was not a magic wand that you just waved and all your weight went away and that I would have to work at it but I have been given a tool that I can work with and boy I am determine to work with it. It is not every day that you get this chance in life. I have been a “big” girl all my life from a baby and right through my adult life with the odd moments of loosing weight with all the diets out there but I have never managed to keep the weight off and it has gone back on plus an all full lot more. As I said this is not a miracle cure and yes I have had the odd gain and yes I am coming to the end of my “honeymoon” period and I am now having to work at the weight lost but I now make the right decission of what I put in my mouth as I know that if I don’t or I over eat I have a not very nice reaction and that I can do without, as for exercise that is a choice I made myself as that is up to the person if they want to exercise or not and I want to exercise, something I have never done before in my life not even at school if I could get out of it I would now I like exercising, walking, swimming and even some gym work but as I said that is my choice.
    A whole new world has opened up to me, a world I never knew before and still wouldn’t if I had not had the op and I am going to embrace it as much as I can, so if I gain a little or stop still weight wise I will face it head on and I know it won’t be such a struggle as before as I have been given a tool to help and I have a great back up team with all the staff down at St Richards and my new found friends on here who have been with me all the way on this incredible journey.
    Elaine x



    If you think WLS is an easy option save the money (if your self funding) it will one of the hardest things you have ever done…

    It’s not a magic cure, wake up and be thin, you will have ups and downs vomiting wind moods etc, everything you get we non WLS diets, but if you work with your band, or bypass you will have the biggest rewards you’ll ever have… I know what your saying why do some out on weight? I was thinking the same as you and your doubts are very normal we have all had them, I had several doubts and put the operation of by two years, a decision I regret, this site is fantastic for information but sometime to much information can cloud our minds… To give you an example I’m thinking of buying another car all the experts give it the thumps up, I done some research on line and completely changed my mind about the car, all I was reading was that the car is rubbish, get my point..

    Not many go in line to say how good things are, but we do leave bad messages.

    But I’m not saying that’s what’s happening on this site. Just honest folk telling there experience…

    My experience has been fantastic… Keep focused do what the surgeons say work with your op and meet a new you

    Good luck and all the best

    Live John xxxx


    Hi charabanc and welcome

    I had my bypass just over 3.5 years ago and have had no problem at all with regain. I lost 15st in about 18 months and have stayed the same ever since apart form losing a bit more weight when I had SWINE FLU!

    My weight fluctuates by 2-3lbs, just like any other female but apart from that I have had no worries at all. I don’t gain at Christmas or other occasions. In fact, I lost 8lbs in a week when I went to Corfu. Probably a combination of heat, swimming all day and living on Greek salad which is my fave meal.

    In my humble opinion, the best way to avoid regain is to be super-strict with yourself in the beginning so that your body learns to expect and be satisfied by smaller meals. It’s actually quite alarming how big portion sizes have become and considered ‘normal’.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask anything else. This is a friendly place where we all endeavour to help and support each other through every stage of the weight loss surgery journey.

    Doodah x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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