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    Hi all you lovely people, hoping you may be able to answer a couple of questions I have, I’m just over 5 weeks post by-pass and am doing ok, had a couple of hiccups re dumping and sickness but I know where I went wrong as I’ve been really having bother eating the puree and mash so have been at times carefully eating out of my stage a little.
    Anyway as the title says, my weight has not moved now for nearly a week, is this really normal? Food wise as I have struggled, if anything I may not be eaing as much as others at my stage, and I’m still working on my fluid intake.
    Also my period seems to have gone awol, and no I’m not pregnant….I’ve lost about 2 1/2 stone and I feel a lot better and I can see and feel the difference size wise but it’s not quite the same as seeing the numbers go down.
    Been feeling really rotten about it this last few days, what with the PMT, bit of tension at home and the numbers not moving, this would usually be a time I’d call on my old friend food!!! Still no regrets though thankfully.
    If anyone can throw any light on my questions I’d be really thankful, Hug’s and love to you all JoJo xxx


    Hi, I remember posting my concerns 10 months ago just like you have. At the time, asking myself “am I the one it don’t work for” …. I took the advice I was given and that was weigh once a month on your anniversary day. It worked perfect, seeing approx a stone a month disappear. I used to get so disheartened an fed up when I lost nothing when I was weighing every few days or week. So hide scales an think positive. I’ve gone down to 11 an half stone now from nearly 20 stone. So believe me it works!! Good luck keep smiling xxxx


    Aha the devil scales…….
    We do becomme somewhat addicted to the loosing lbs and forget to realise when were not loosing weight were loosing inches….

    At 4-5 weeks out all of the meds from the op will be out of your system so the body might becomme a little confused, heck its been in starvation mode for a good few wekks let it rebel a little, it wont be for long…. honest it wont.

    Hide the scales, weigh weekly fornightly or monthly but not daily, it only adds to the allready emotional trip your on….
    Monthlies and personal issues all take their toll….
    So find some time for you, relax in a hot bubble bath and find some quite time away from the hustle and bustle of it all….

    Your by far from done, just going throught the same stage most of us do…

    Its normal….. just dont be down thingking your doing anything wrong…… 🙂

    Be sure to take you time….. its important…

    Buzz xxx


    Agree with Buzz’s points.

    My wife was constantly on the scales afte her bypass and she went through the same things as you. Try not to weigh yourself so often ( I know its easy to say that ) but once a month is great and then it will be a nice surprise to see what you have lost!

    Sally Bailey

    I totally agree with everything that’s been said. Hide those wretched scales and just work with the tool you’ve been given. If you follow the ‘rules’ it WILL work. Women have hormonal fluctuation to deal with so daily weighing is pointless.
    Just keep on keeping on as the saying goes…
    Sally x


    I would not go on the scales. As I got weighed the morning of my op then did not weigh myself or got weighed until my six week post op. I do NOT own a set of scale in the house (apart from kitchen scale to weigh food). Wha I do, is on pay days (i get paid the 24th of each month) I go into the chemist and weigh myself. More for my reconds. I have never been paraniod or obsessed with weighing myself. I’ve had one period since my operation. It was very heavy and I felt mega rough.


    Hi All Thanks so much for all your replies. I just wanted to let you know I’ve now banished the scales to the garage, so there is no way i’ll be weighing my self as I’m terrified to go in there cos of the resident spiders!!!
    It would seem now also that they have been lying to me anyway as 6 weeks ago they weighed me lighter then the scales at the loxwood centre but now they weigh me 8lbs heavier, so it’s easy to guess what what I’m going to go by…
    Still on the look out for that missing period but they really didn’t seem worried about it at all at he clinic yesterday so I’m just going to enjoy the freedom from it whilst it lasts.
    Anyway people thanks again for your wise words it really helped, hugs and kisses and have a hot happy holiday weekend xxx


    Hi Precious

    Yes I agree with your post. I weigh in ‘Boo*s’ the chemist when I want to. I threw my scales when I started the milk diet as I knew by past experience what I’d be like.
    Well done on your amazing loss. You must look even lovelier than you did at ball when you posted photos. Missed you on your last visit to Borehamwood. I’ll be there June if you’re there too great to catch up. I’ve missed three due to hols. Am in Devon next week too.

    Have a great weekend all readers and keep smiling.
    Bye matey
    Renn (Madeleine)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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