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    Well its now been almost 4 months since I had the bypass so I thought I would fill you in what has happened since. I can’t say its been easy – there have been times when I’ve wondered was the operation really worth it (especially the last few weeks when I discovered I had gall stones and that brought about more problems with my food!)
    The week following my operation I got a really bad urine infection (possible related to the cathetar?). The first lot of antibiotics didn’t help at all – turns out I had a particularly rare infection – once that was established the right antibiotics could be prescribed. The infection has left me very tender ‘down there’ even now. Things seem to settle down and I recovered well at home. I know at the outset they say that your relationship with food will change completely but I had no idea how bad it could get. Some days I would be fine and manage my meals and snacks ok. Other days I just didn’t want to eat and had to force myself. For someone who used to adore food, to suddenly find yourself hating it – well it was tough.
    I went back to work after 6 weeks and seemed to be coping ok and then – wham – I stupidly overdid it with some bready stuff one Saturday – fruit bread for breakfast, jacket potato and a little piece of garlic bread for lunch, pitta bread for tea, then 2 packs of quavers. By 10pm that night I was feeling unwell.
    At 5am Sunday morning I started ‘dry retching’ – this basically involves your body trying to eject something it doesn’t like. The trouble was I couldn’t bring anything up apart from phlegm. It certainly put me off eating anything either.
    Come Monday morning at 5am I was on the phone to NHS Direct and they sent the on-call doctor to give me an anti-sickness injection in the bottom. He also gave me some anti sickness tablets and told me to drink nothing but fluids for 2 days. This I did and went back to work on the Wednesday. I lasted 1.5 hours before I had to go home again because I felt so rotten. When hubby got home at 6.30pm I said we needed to go to A & E. We got there just before 7pm and were there till 1am. They diagnosed gastroenteritis and told me to drink nothing but fluids for 2 days and signed me off work for a week.
    I was due to go back to St Richards on the following Tuesday to see the dietician but I rang Velia that morning and asked her advice because I was still feeling crap and couldn’t eat properly. After consulting with Guy Slater I was told to attend my local A & E. So we arrived there just after 9am and luckily they ‘hurried’ me through (same doctor in A & E) so I had x-rays, ultra-sounds, bloods, urine etc. By 5pm I was on the ward having been admitted with suspected gallstones.
    I was kept in till Saturday morning as I had a high temperature and they wanted to monitor me. I think on the Thursday I sweated the infection out of me! On discharge they said they would send me a follow-up appointment for 6 weeks time when they would make the decision what to do – either zap the gallstones with a laser or remove it completely. This arrived on Thursday – for 16 July!!!!. Now bearing in mind I am still in pain and am still struggling with food I rang them and got a cancellation for 4 June.
    So now we are up to date. I have constant pain with this gall bladder problem. I am still struggling with food, even drinks at times. I can’t seem to find something that I enjoy – its all so bland or makes me want to heave. I’m avoiding bread (and fatty stuff cos of the gallstones) so my diet is limited. I’m hoping that they will make the decision to remove the gall bladder else this will happen again and again.
    I’m not trying to put people off having the operation. Besides the other problems its the best thing I could have done – I’m 5 stone lighter and feel so much better for it. I just want people to be aware that its not all plain sailing and if you do encounter any of the above problems – you are not alone! I’m sure when this gall bladder problem is sorted out I will be in a lot more positive state of mind – at the moment I’m a bit depressed about it all. No doubt it will get better!
    Thanks for listening
    All the best

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