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Spicy food (chillies)

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    sonia kidman

    Can anyone help?
    I love spicy food I used to add chillies to everything but since having my by-pass done even the tinest bit of spice makes me foam,
    I am now stuck with korma when I used to love vindaloo anyone have any advice.


    Hi Sonia, You have my sympathies as a fellow spice lover but luckily Im fine with it. Not sure what to suggest – have you tried making your drinks either side of the meal milk instead of water? I know water is the worst thing to have with really spicey food but milk stops the burn! Hope it improves in time x

    sonia kidman

    Hi Jaysee

    It’s great to hear from you as we had our op’s around the same time I think, How are you getting on?I always have milk after meals but I am slowly going to start adding a little at a time and see how I get on I have to say today had some cheese that had chillies in and so far all it has done is made me burp lots lol,So fingers crossed it will improve.
    Sonia x


    So annoying I’m not a huge lover of spice and I’m fine with it and you love it but can’t have it just not fair! Saying that just had chicken tikka with Indian rice and flat bread was lovely! Sorry!


    sonia kidman

    LMAO,thanks for that one Emily :O)

    You can eat rice and flat bread now I am sulking :O(

    I am out tomorrow night for a curry night (god help me) I think it will be a spoon full of Chicken Korma and spoon full of Spinach and that will be me,Take the rest home for hubby :O)
    Take Care
    Sonia x


    Hi Sonia,
    Don’t talk to me about spicey food, I am normally ok with it but I Monday lunch time I had some sweet chilli dipping sauce and that evening had a stir fry and added a few chillies and boy did I pay for it. All night my stomach and intestines were on fire lol, tried drinking milk to try and calm it down, tried milk of magnesia, nothing helped Tuesday was not much better and today I can still feel it so won’t be doing that again in a hurry. When you go for your curry night have chicken tikka like Emily says and maybe instead of a flat bread or naan try a pompodom as it is crispy. Wish you luck on that.
    Elaine xx

    sonia kidman

    Hi Elaine

    I know what you mean I was in pain for days,I think I will stick to my chicken Korma as it has lots of sauce and I know I am ok,I did try chicken tikka but that made me very very sick think its all the herbs.
    Any way I hope your felling better after your chilli attack :O)
    I am hoping to come up to Lesleys in a few weeks or so hopefully we can catch up with you at the same time your were missed so much on Sunday,Hope everything is ok with you.
    Love Sonia x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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