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sore mouth

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    i have just had my bypass on 2/3/11 doing ok BUT i have such a sore mouth which is going down my throat that also feels a bit swollen is this normal or should i be thinking about Thrush AGH

    Any help



    Hello Denise this is Julie, I was still on the bay when you came in last week. Glad to hear youre doing ok. I wonder if this soreness is anything to do with the tube they put down your throat during surgery and we do get awfully dry. My mouth and throat felt kind of ‘furred up’ for a few days but its ok now. Probably best you see your gp. Hope it clears up!
    Ju xx


    Hi Ladies, I too have a sore tongue and mouth but I’m still pre-op I’m booked in for Monday, but I was thinking that maybe it’s thrush due to the amount of milk we’ve drank, just a thought ?!?
    Love JoJo xx


    Hello Julie
    thanks for getting back, i do remember you going home and talking to me as i came back!!! i came home on Monday as i had open surgery they removed my gall bladder and very large stones also i had a massive hernia repair i had drains etc, but so good to not be in any pain, How are you doing as you looked so good, how are you managing with food ?
    i have ordered a book that may help with suggestions

    take care
    Denise X


    Please try to remember both during the milk diet and post op that it is important to chew.
    Dental hygiene is a little overlooked during this time when we tend to stop chewing…

    Sugar free gum gives the teeth and mouth a good old workout and produces healing saliva to ward off infections and the like.

    Tubes are put down our throats for surgery most of the time so they might be a tad inflamed and sore….
    A little honey if you dont dump on it lubricates….lol..

    Try chewing but dont whatever you do swallow the gum…… 🙂 helps with hunger too…or so I thought.

    Buzz xx


    Oh Im so glad they managed to sort out yr hernia and gall stones Im sure youll feel terrific for all of that! Im doing ok, struggling with purees a bit but Im getting there slowly. I was taken off my blood pressure tablets yesterday which was really pleasing so its having a positive effect already!
    Take care of yourself
    Julie xx

    Oh and Buzz – I fancy a chewing gum badly ut I darent as Im terrified of swallowing it! lol x



    I am almost 4 weeks post op and for a week and a half I have had this strange sore throat. It almost feels I have something stuck in my throat or when you have woken up from a nights sleep and you know u have been breathing through your mouth all night cos your throat is so dry.
    Its like this all the time now I’v been sucking sore throat lozengers for a week now and its no different which leads me to think it must have something to do with the band.

    Can anyone relate to this or am I a weirdo!!! lol


    I dont know what it is Lady K, but Im over 5 weeks post-op and Ive had exactly the same thing! Im going for my post-op check at Chichester on Monday so Ill ask them about it, if they give me a solution I will report back !

    Jules xx


    p.s. Or maybe we are both weird !! heehee 🙂


    Thanks Jaysee

    Quite reasuring really cos if we both have it the chances are that its just a side effect to the band. Have to taken anything for it?
    How are u doing? Do u have any restriciton? are u having ur first band fill on Monday as well? If so let me know how it goes!



    I had a bypass so Monday is just a check up. I thought it was probably due to the tube they put down your throat when youre under the general anaesthetic but its lingering so will definitely ask xx


    Hi jaysee – sorry totally unrelated to original post but I saw you mention Chichester – was that st Richards ? How long did it take from first appt to op ? My referral letter has been sent but I’m dying to know roughly how long the process may take ?

    Thanks Katherine . X


    hi katherine
    your gp will refer you to sT richards or a bariatric surgeon
    you will then have a consultation with bariatric surgeon who will decide if you aew a suitable candidate for surgery
    then you will be required to a consultation with a bariatric specialist phychologist
    then the hard work begins
    as no matter how many surgeons say you need this surgery it is totally
    reliant on securing funding from your PCT
    the whole process can take from as little as 8 weeks to 2 years depending where you live
    and who your PCT is
    hope this helps a bit
    best of luck x


    Thanks – my gp has already applied and the pct have approved me ! So that bit over already YEAY !

    Katherine .

    Sent from my iPhone using WLS FORUM


    you’re ALL sorted then
    and on your way
    who is your PCT is it east sussex?
    it will be pretty quick now
    best of luck on your weight loss journey xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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