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    I there,
    Haven’t been on this site for some time, was previously logged on as janie123′ but had to change due to log in problems. I had my bypass on the 14 th June and have been on solids for a week or so now with no problems. I was wondering if anyone could give me some savoury snack ideas along with appropriate quantities. When reading the book we were given they seem to be all sweet options.


    Mini babybel light. A ryvita with some peanut butter and marmite xxxxxx


    Thanks wasn’t sure if I was aloud


    Depends where you Are in your journey Hun. Re ryvita I’d check with your diet sheet as its quite solid. I had laughing cow triangles early in as they are soft. Now I have shares in babybel!!! Xx


    Trouble is I don’t like cheese and I am half way through week nine so testing solids and doing well, just don’t get on too well with meat.


    Ok maybe try cracker breads with different toppings . Peanut butter? A scrambled egg and marmite? Wierd but I love it! Also I’ve started eating quinoa. It’s a bit like cous cous but a lot huger in protein. I’m quite lucky as I can do meat . Do you like cottage cheese? Dutch crispbreads are also good xxxx


    Thank you. I will try those. Sort of worried about what is aloud and the amounts. But I will try your suggestions they sound good


    Glad I can help if you’re worried at all call the dietician . They are really helpful xxxx


    When did you have your surgery?


    Feb 23rd so almost exactly 6 months ago. Can’t believe it was 6 months kinda feels like yesterday!!! X


    Wow ,did you have a bypass? And how much have you lost if you don’t mind me asking?


    Yep bypass . It was revision from band. Lost 7 stone with band 8 years ago but had loads of probs and eventually put it back on… Now list 5 stone 3 pounds at last weigh . Only weigh on first of month or I get a bit obsessed. I’m pleased. The dietician did say my weight loss may be slower due to previous weight loss but I’ve managed to average 4.5 kilos a month which is apparently a good amount . It’s slowing now so working hard as I want to loose another 3 xxx


    Well done, that gives me inspiration


    Hi again janie!

    We are all so different that the best thing to do is just try things. It may seem like trial and error because, well, that’s what it kind of is!! If you think you might like something then try it (so long as it’s not high in fat or sugar) just a tiny bit at a time until you are sure it’s ok.

    This place is brilliant for ideas from others isn’t it?

    Doodah x

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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