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    In an ideal world, this section wouldn’t be required. We don’t live in an ideal world and so it is easiest to set out this “rules” at the beginning to ensure a harmonious site.

    1. This site was set up by the Streamline Surgical team for Streamline Surgical patients, St Richard’s NHS bariatric patients or those considering either service. Others are welcome to join but please don’t attempt to recruit or advertise for other providers. This includes fill services, plastic surgeons. Botox and dermal fillers.

    2. Everyone here deserves respect. We cannot tolerate any ‘isms’ and will remove posts of an offensive nature. Whilst we all enjoy humour, we also cannot allow post containing swearing, abusive language or overtly sexual language

    3. Do not use this site if you are a business planning to recruit customers. This especially included diets, food replacements or medications.

    4. Journalists. We are happy to liaise with journalists or researchers but please do not exploit this site looking for recruits. Instead contact our media department by emailing Shelley Frosdick via If you have a clinical question contact our Bariatric Nurse Consultant via She will liaise with the appropriate team member.

    5. We are really keen to see your photos but please be sensible as we don’t not wish to cause offence. Bikini shots are fine but that picture in a thong on the Copacabana beach may be a little too much! Think before you post please.

    6. Personal information. ANYONE can read the details on this forum so please take great care in posting personal details such as email addresses or telephone numbers. Never post anything here that you wouldn’t want to read in a magazine or hear discussed at the school gates. It’s a sad situation but real.

    7. Please be mindful of all of our members on the forum when posting. Take time to review what you have written and whether it is likely to cause offence. We do not tolerate inflammatory posts designed to antagonise other members in any way. Also, please refrain from using Caps Lock in your posts, it can come across as aggressive and will often be misinterpreted in that way.

    Sally Bailey

    Just bumping this thread with regard to our forum guidlines.

    Sally Bailey wrote:
    Just bumping this thread with regard to our forum guidlines.

    Thanks for this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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