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Signed off sick

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    Hello my lovelies

    I’m sorry I’ve not been quite as up to date for a few weeks but I have been signed off sick with a terrible chest infection and pneumonia!

    Ended up in A&E four weeks ago and am still not right and off sick as we speak until next Monday! I was supposed to have a lump removed from my armpit this morning but the surgeon wouldn’t proceed as I’m still on antibiotics and steroids. What a flipping nuisance!? It has already been postponed twice before. If I were a horse….etc lol! I have gained 10 lbs from the massively high doses of steroids I have been forced to take so my poor body is wondering what the frilly heck is going on!! My emotional head is panicking but my sensible one is telling me its the lesser of two evils at the moment – the greater being hospitalisation!!

    Anyway, I’m taking all my own advice (finally!!) and resting, resting, resting. My family are dealing with some truly dreadful things at the moment and I’m pretty certain it’s not helping. Please be assured that I’m always here for you and if you need anything urgently, all my private messages come through to my email account. I must remember to keep emptying the inbox lol!

    Some of you are really struggling at the moment and I’m so, so sorry about it. We are all here for each other. That’s the most important thing. If we share it, we bear it.

    Love Doodah x


    Sorry to hear of your problems Doodah. Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling better soon. Elaine x


    I am so sorry that your poorly sounds like you have had tough time recently and scary going to ED. Hope the steroids are beginning to kick in , and not giving you horrible side effects . Rest and look after your self xxx


    Sending you healing vibes x take care x rest up as much as possible x big hugs x


    Hi Doodah,
    I do hope you recover very soon, these meds have caused you havoc!
    I feel for you.
    Get well soon , I’m sending you my best wishes.
    Julie x


    Thank you SO MUCH you lovely, kind, supportive and sweet people.

    It helps so much to know we have people 100% on our side doesn’t it? Nothing seems too daunting when we have people rooting for us. I love this place and everything it stands for. I hope you all do too.

    Love Doodah x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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