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“Should the over 60’s be banned from gastric surgery”

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    Please click on the link below for story in today’s Daily Mirror. Streamline Surgical case study, Madeleine Clarke’s weight loss story features in the article “Should the over 60’s be banned from gastric surgery”.

    Madeleine features as the only case study in the piece highlighting the benefits of having bariatric surgery over the age of 60. Shaw and Streamline Surgical are credited within the feature!

    Should the over 60s be banned from gastric surgery? –


    Well, as a person over 45 (I was 48) and seriously, seriously ill with a BMI of 64, I wasn’t a good candidate either! However, Mr Somers agreed to go ahead. I will NEVER be able to repay what he has done for me. He hasn’t just given me back my life, he’s given me back a better one. I now have the same life expectancy as everyone else (providing I don’t get hit by a truck!) and am happier than I’ve ever been in my life (apart form when I got married and had my children.)

    Like Renn, I can look forward again because I do actually have a future! Thank you Shaw Somers and Streamline Surgical for the greatest gift ever – life.

    ruby tuesday

    It is an interesting article, well done Renn, you came across well! Unfortunately, despite what the article implies, not being able to keep food down post-surgery and loosing weight too quickly, is not a age-related side effect, it can happen whatever the age of the person. I can see the arguement is likely to be that it puts too much strain on the older person’s heart, but actually rapid weight loss effects anyones heart, whether they have followed a LCD diet, used an expensive liquid meal supplement for a lengthy period of time, or been following one of the wierd maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper ‘celebrity’ diets. That is why the pre-op checks are important. I feel for the grandmother who passed away, and her family, the loss of someone you love is overwhelming and they have my condolences.

    Sally Bailey

    It’s a great article, well done Renn.

    I think it’s appalling that people should be refused ANY medical procedure on the grounds of age. Isn’t that ageism? And what’s the betting that the over 65s have payed all their taxes for 50 years (they left school at 15 then) and yet some of today’s people have never payed any and still get everything they need (for free)

    Outrageous. It’s discrimination plain and simple.

    It’s very sad for the people who lost their lives, but they had seriously shortenend them already and were more than likely heading for illness and early graves – bariatric surgery is often, literally, their last chance (like Doodah said)

    Well, that’s my rant for the day over….sorry but I think the way we treat our senior citizens often sucks!

    Sally x

    ruby tuesday

    I agree, most of my friends are very much older than me, and our society seems to be geared more towards the ‘rights’ of teenagers, whilst cutting to the bone anything one can hope for at retirement age (which in itself is being moved ever upwards in the hope that we all pass away before even getting to claim our pensions).


    I thought that was a reasonably balanced article. Well done Renn, I hadn’t heard your story before and what a successful one it is. The Mirror done good, so much better than the hysteria in the Daily Mail (or Daily Malice as I prefer to call it) when that poor lady died and they published it just before my op!
    When I had my first consultation with Mr Somers I asked if I was too old at 54 he said certainly not and he had that very day been asked by a doctor to consider operating on a 76 year old and that he WAS going to have think very hard about!


    and here I was thinking that ”fatisim” was the very last (allowed) predijice
    then ageism goes and rears it’s ugly head……again !
    unbelieviable in the 21st Century

    Sally Bailey

    Well said, Still.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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