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    I am a mother of a 17 year old daughter who is morbidly obese and we are hoping to have a referral for surgery once she turns 18. I would really like us to be able to potentially meet up with somebody who has been where she is curently and has had surgery. I think this would need to be somebody relatively young and female, i think it would help build her confidence and show her that there is hope and a positive future.



    I’m sorry that can’t be me then, as I’m 66 and a great grandma! Sincerely hope she gets the answers she is looking for. Will help if I can tough.


    Hi. I’m younger than big sister but not that near your daughters age! I’m 39 fast approaching the big 40 and have lost 6.5 stone with a bypass. Whereabout are you in uk? Good luck


    Thank you for your replies ladies. We live in Lincolnshire but close to Peterborough but i would be happy to travel anywhere to get together with someone. Watched fat surgeons this week and there was a young girl Rachel on there, she reminded me so much of my daughter and she has a completely new life and a family thanks to surgery. Meeting someone like her would be an inspiration for my daughter i’m sure.


    All the best with your journeys ladies and thanks again for replying. We have not met anyone else with the same issues my daughter has and it’s very lonely and isolating especially for her. Just your replies have made me feel more hopeful so thanks.


    Hi Josephine and welcome.

    I too am an older woman but if you leave it with me, I will try to find someone young with whom your daughter can communicate. It may take a day or so but I will do my very best.

    Please don’t give up hope – there is plenty of it here along with help and friendship for you BOTH.

    Doodah xx


    Thank you Doodah Much appreiciated.


    Josephine, I have found someone for you, could you call in when you can on one of the numbers below


    Hi Josephine. I hope you managed to get in touch with the person we found 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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