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Second fill after second port fitted

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    Hi all,

    Not been on here for a while I have been in the canneries for three weeks, then a long weekend in Brighton another long weekend in the new forest and now back to work.

    I’m at the Sudbury clinic today for my second fill after my port was replaced this should get me to the restriction I had before leak so looking forward to it….

    I’ve been keeping well and active and I stayed away from the fried food while on holiday (all inclusive). And eat only from the cold fruit / salad bar, but I did fall fail to the free wine…. It’s now over a year since I had a beer and I do t miss it, but as I say my wine intake has gone up slightly lol

    I was amazed on the plane I could bet the tray fully down, buckle up the seat belt without an extension , sit on the loo without reversing in and hope I connect, ( bit like the space station docking system) and was able to walk down the isle without banging into people’s heads with my wings…. Lol

    Was still a but embarrassed to walk around the beach in just shorts but that might be a mind thing.

    On another note have I missed the summer tea party bash, where we all dress up…. Bring a big shirt etc lol

    Love to you all. John xxxx


    Tea Party; Saturday 1st September 2-5pm – Eventbrite

    Here is the link to get your tickets to the Tea party John. Hurry though, only about 6 left!! It’s on 1 September at the Sudbury Clinic from 2-5pm.

    Hope you get on ok today and it’s great to have you back 😉



    Fink I’ve just crept in….. My elvis outfit is coming out if the wardrobe lol

    Love John …….xxxx


    Haha! You won’t be needing a ‘No Publicity’ sticker then will you?!

    Doodah x


    If the photographer hasn’t got an extra wide angle lens he will have to walk back to action to get us in… Lol

    Strange thing is apart from my family I’ve still not told anyone. Even others who I know have had WLS …. How strange is that….

    It’s my little secrete.. Shssssss

    John xxx


    Rest assured John, we will give you a red sticker to wear so that no photographers or film crew will film, snap or approach you. Patient confidentiality is of paramount importance to Streamline 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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