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Ruby Tuesday’s progress

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    ruby tuesday

    Just thought I would update my story after being a bit ill initially due to pineapple juice, which even diluted in water, was apparently not recommended until 1 year down the line!

    I am now 6 weeks post-bypass, recovered quickly, as I say, pain when eating due to inflamation of the join to the pouch, but tablets have helped, and I am now learning how to judge what to eat when, and how much food I can get in (not much)!

    I have tried lots of things now, with very few poor reactions, and thought I would list them for anyone stuck on soup and wondering whether there is an end in sight!

    Shepards pie (homemade)
    Lentil soup (ditto)
    Tinned soups – Heinz
    Chicken and rice (homemade)
    Natural yoghurt and a little fresh fruit or 3 tinned prunes
    One egg cheesy omlette and 2 pieces crispy bacon
    Cauliflower cheese
    Melba toast plus Pate or Peanut Butter
    Small banana
    Ready brek, rice crispies, wheatabix
    Casserole with meat (homemade)

    A few things have not sat too well, readybrek is one, as I do drink milk for the protein, but post-op it doesn’t feel great inside if I do. I havn’t tried ready made meals as I never ate them before surgery, and feel if I react to one of the many ingredients in them, I won’t be sure what caused a reaction.

    Lately as I have managed to get the food in, my energy is picking up, and from 2 weeks out I have walked my sister’s dog daily, very slowly, usually for half an hour to an hour with rests if needed. That was my routine before surgery too, and I thought it important to try to get back to normal life! I am trying to get back to swimming as I did before, and have been twice, just for 15mins though, to be careful.

    All in all, I feel good, and have lost two and a half stone, so pulled lots of clothes out of storage to replace the fact that I have given all my bigger clothes away! Roll on that feeling, it is just euphoric, if I could bottle it, I would make a fortune! Oh, and I tried Golf, as I have a list of things I want to try, and loved it!


    Great story so far and great weight loss, it’s also great to put on those clothes you thought you would never get back in to 🙂


    Fantastic Ruby
    And you look fantastic too.



    Well done Ruby,
    So pleased things have settled down for you and the feeling of clothes that are too big is so good, I’m enjoying that bit too. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to so many.
    Nettie xx


    Well done Ruby, so pleased for you and that all your hard work is paying off for you.

    Keep going and you will be climbing mountains before you know it xx


    Well done Ruby – stick a flag in for us all when you reach the summit of K2!!! Great work and you look all glowy (just made that word up haha!)

    Doodah xx

    ruby tuesday

    Shucks thanks guys, love this forum!


    We love you too Rubs xxx


    Ruby, pleased you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your story look forward to hearing more as you move on.

    ruby tuesday

    Just thought I would pop a note on, as I had my check-up with the surgeon today, which went well, and left me feeling positive about everything, amazing how someone being smiley and happy with your progress does make you feel better! I am cleared for further excercise, apart from bungee-jumping!! Also, have been assured my weight will come down as I work at it, which is good because I was starting to think I might not loose anymore, so apart from no energy some days, all is well, and I am getting more protein in now and more variety, so I am sure that will increase my energy, then there will be no stopping me – Zumba classes here I come!!

    Also, can eat a ryvita with cheese and wafer thin ham, which feels like a normal pre-op thing to eat, so yaye!


    I’m so happy for you Ruby. Teething problems are not uncommon so it is great to hear that you are well on the road to getting everything going as it should – including the weight! Well done xx


    Hi Ruby
    So pleased to hear everything is well.
    Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love and |Hugs xxx


    Well done Ruby. I have not been on forum for a while and it is great to be back and hear how well you are doing.

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    ruby tuesday

    8 wks post-op, no more weight lost, but do generally have more energy, so am trying not to think about my weight! I did get into a dress of mine today (unworn and still labelled) which is 2 sizes smaller than the clothes I wear, and it is a very fitted one just under the bust, but then flares out, so it is hard to tell whether I am getting smaller despite the lack of scales movement, or not! I do take measurements, but they have not gone down recently, so it is all a bit of a mystery. Can the body sort of reconfigure itself without weight loss I wonder? Will keep plodding on, and hope to see the scales start moving downwards!!


    Not sure about body reconfiguring?? At least you have energy now and two sizes smaller in 8 weeks well done!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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