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    I had my band fitted on 5th October! Although I felt slight restriction in the first couple of days I now feel like I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want! Although I’m being strict with myself and only having small portions 3 times a day I’m so hungry 🙁 anybody know what’s wrong???


    Hi sharlotte

    Please dont worry, and be kind to yourself….. If you are hungry then eat. 🙂 Just make good choices. (You are still recovering)
    This will be so different when you start to have your fills, i promise. 🙂

    Just a little note for the future…… If you worry too much your band will react with this, and food will be a problem to swollow. Please slow down and the band will give you the results you want, just wait till your first fill.

    Heidi x



    You are my rock! Thanks so much! I spoke to the dietician and she said its normal. I could have had a fill of Friday but I’m away (again) so have to wait until 2nd nov!




    I has my band filled on 9th Oct and although I’m not quite feeling like you, I do remember that I was told that what you are feeling is normal. I was told to make sure that I’m careful with what I eat and how much I eat too! I’ve made loads of protein based purees and put them in the freezer so meal times I feel like I have some choice and the food tastes good too. My first fill is on 3rd Nov.
    Good to know there is someone else at the same stage as me!



    Wow twin lady great to know we’re at the same stage!!!
    What sort of things have u frozen? How r u feeling?



    I’m feeling very crampy and still a little sore but am going to go back to work tomorrow. I bought a couple of cookbooks before surgery – Return to Slender and Weightloss Surgery Cooking for Dummies. I’ve made chicken and lentil soup, spicy pumpkin purée to mix with yoghurt. I used an old weaning book from the kids to make chicken and butternut squash purée and I also blitzed the chicken and beg after making clear chicken soup!
    I have loads if variety in this and am not getting bored. Tomorrow I will make a sloppy cauliflower cheese with laughing cow extra light and milk to blitz with the cauliflower.
    How are you doing pain wise? Any hints and tips you can give me to help me get more comfortable are greatly appreciated!
    Take care


    I still have pain in my shoulders and I find walking eases it but the nagging ache is still there 🙁
    I have had severe stomach cramps in the night so not sure that that’s all about!
    You sound very organised, I’m just managing on soup at the moment, going to have a cook off after my tesco shop on Wednesday 🙂
    Good luck with going back to work! I’m on maternity leave at the moment so not due back until jan 🙂
    Can’t wait for my fill, might c u there, I’m at 2.00.


    Sorry that you are still uncomfortable but pleased that its not just me!!
    My appt on 3rd Nov is at 11.45 so doesn’t look like we will meet there. Where do you live? We might be able to arrange a meet up!
    Very nervous about work today. I have a great boss and I know that if I’m not doing well then he will be fine with me leaving – I just saw that I have 90 emails waiting for me today!
    How old is your baby? I’ve got 3 kids, twins age 10 and a 6 year old.
    Chat later.


    Oh ladies this is fab, support is brilliant in any form and the fact you are both roughly at the same stage will be an added bonus.

    Sharlotte the stomach cramps you are getting is probably down to ‘wind’ , this is something us bandsters have to live with. It’s like windy city in my house sometimes…… My 8 year old just laughs and tells me i’m a rude mummy ….lol.

    Ladies you are both are doing brilliant, be kind to yourselves and remember this is a long term thing, and it will take time to settle into a routine, 11 months on and i’m still learning. ( my nurse reminds me it’s taken years of bad choices to get me where i was ….. Things will not change in 2 months , or 6 months…. It’s a long learning curve and things will change gradually ) . I have to say my loss has been a steady 1 to 1 1/2 lbs per week, but unlike other diets i cant give up, so the loss adds up over time. I bought my first size 16 trousers yesterday…… Alittle snug, but 1/2 a stone and they will be great……… (Better then a 24 whatever way i look at it) 🙂 .

    Best wishes
    Heidi 🙂


    I bloomin love being back here. You guys all ROCK. Aren’t we lucky to have this place to escape to and throw our ideas into? What would we do without it?!! I don’t ever want to find out lol!

    Doodah x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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