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Renn’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Hi again
    Have a look at my new album I’ve just done it’s on my profile page and they open up large too. Blow-up Maddie.haha.!
    Bye again
    Madeleine (Renn)



    Actually I tend to wear my glasses for driving all the time.
    But I must say you look mighty fine to me….
    Am I due an eye test? NO WAY..

    I am so very pleased you feel the way you do, and why shouldnt you you have done amazing…

    Bills a lucky boy as he well knows

    Buzz xx


    you look amazing renn a real insperation to us all xxxxx


    Hi Vicki
    Well done with your amazing loss. At Gunwharf, you looked like you weren’t one of us as you are so-o-o teeny. Great. Thanks for the kind comment. Can’t wait to get to know you more.


    Hi Madeleine,

    You look fantstic and those pics are trully inspiring. You have done soooooo well, and you are so positive about yourself that makes us all feel we too can achieve our dreams. Bill is a lovely man and a lucky man. I wish you well with your next venture, and look forward to our next meeting.
    Keep going sister.

    Love ya

    Love and Hugs xx

    PS You don’t look like you are one of us!!! or were one of us xxxx


    Well done that is an amazing acheivement.

    I am 2 years out – currently pregnant so trying to ensure I eat enough at the moment.

    But prior I stopped losing weight about 7 months after surgery – I still had 4-5 stone to lose and was a size eighteen. I went on a diet !! just like before but I had the boost of my ‘tool’ and along with that and exercise I got that weight off and I have kept it off – but unlike you I watch all the time what I eat – I know I could regain as dumping doesnt really happen now and I cant eat most things – the difference is if I gain a couple of pounds I get it off quick !!! I keep a very close eye on my weight .

    But this maked me no different to me non wls friends they live like that – I dont mind it is still the best thing I ever did and obesity will NEVER ever get me back again –

    good luck xxx


    FABTASTIC post Stary
    most inspirational xxx


    I understand how hard it is to maintain energy levels when you are on such a low calorie intake, but it is imperative to keep moving. That doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or exercise until you feel you are going to pass out. But simple things such as lifting canned foods over your head several times a day, or taking a ball and bouncing it off a wall for 10 minutes signals your body that something is being burned… it helps your mental out look as well. I personally find treadmills and gyms boring as watching paint dry, so I had to get creative.. dance dance dance…. it’s fun… and I dance by myself all the time… at the end of it I generally fall on the sofa laughing like a loon at myself. Don’t forget the new Streamline Facebook page this is going to be a fantastic addiction to interaction and information.!/pages/Streamline-Surgical/193242357356275


    You sound experienced in getting exerciseI’m 61 and used to walk 45 mins every day before my gastric bypass. I have arthritis of the spine and had to stop swimming 30*25m three times a week because of back pain. I’m only 2 weeks post op and keen to get back to exercising. I am doing daily 20 minute walks. Was doing more but think I tried too much too soon. I’m very tired and lacking in energy and wondering how soon I can expect to start more serious exercise such as classes and longer walks and swimming.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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