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Renn’s Weight Loss Journey

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    I am pleased to say I have now lost 101 pounds since my bypass.
    I am now a proud member of the century club.
    Bye and good luck to you all on your journey and I hope you will soon reach your goal too.
    Bye Madeleine (Renn)


    Brilliant,Renn. I’m so thrilled for you. You’ve done so well and look wonderful. xx


    By saying bye Renn, I hope that doesn’t mean you are leaving us! You have done so fantastically well and are an inspiration to so many others. You’re our real Diva…the one to motivate everyone else. Hope you’re just logging off for Christmas! C x


    Fantastic Congratulations an early Christmas present to your self.

    Well done,
    Have a wonderful christmas.

    Love and Hugs

    Irene xx


    Thanks for all your very kind comments. I often sign off emails with bye but sorry if I confused anyone.
    Au revoir
    Madeleine (Renn)


    Glad to hear you are not going Renn, How about if I try to organise a Gosport coffee morning type thing, would you/anyone else be ‘up for it’ ?


    Hi Medic,

    Coffee morning sounds fab, i live in Whiteley so just up the road, would love to see everyone!

    Love Jacquie


    Hi Medic and Jacquie and anyone else interested,
    Would love to meet up soon. How about beginning of January during the day, about 11ish, say at Collingwood Asda or Whiteley Tesco which is near for us all. Let me know if you organise anything.
    Bye Renn (Madeleine)
    Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to you all.


    Well Done Renn! you are looking fabulous!!

    Ms Ellie

    Well done Renn (Mariah) you have done fantastically well cant wait to see you soon xxxx


    Thanks Kim and Ms Ellie for your kind words.Ms Ellie-
    I can’t wait to see you and Twinkle at Borehamwood in January. Kim -have you got a hospital appt soon? We could meet at Chichester. Looked at your ticker,Kim.WELL DONE YOU that’s amazing.
    Bye Madeleine (Renn)
    PS everyone online all the best with achieving your dreams!


    Dear Madeline, you look fantastic, well done. Hope you and your lovely hubby had a good Christmas. See you in Borehamwood in January.
    Gill x


    Gastric Bypass-maintaining our goal weight for life.
    Hi all
    I am now in the happy position of reaching the weight recommended by my Surgeon of 12st 7lbs. In the last 10 years I have lost half my body weight.
    I feel really well and am trying to eat abit more as I am now 8lb under goal and often lose 2lbs a week still.
    At 62 I don’t want to look too thin do I. Shaw Somers has said he doesn’t want to see me under 12st and I am now 1lb under.
    I don’t have a problem with my loose skin and have just bought a 14 swimsuit and feel fine in it. It’s true you’re eyesight does get worse as you get older which is a plus. Haha.
    I’m seeing the Dietician soon and shall take her advice but in the meantime would appreciate some input from others on Maintaining our weight at Goal.
    Thanks from a very happy Renn (Madeleine)


    well done Renn
    you are so lucky!
    I stopped losing weight at 9 months post op I am now 24 months out and have not lost 1 single pound more and still am size 20
    and 8 st overweight!
    So I wouldnt be able to comment at maintaining goal weight
    but in order to STOP ME GAINING 1 SINGLE POUIND
    I have to keep to a restricted 800-1000 calories per day which is a pretty tough exsistance as my hunger and appitite is back and it scares me shitless lol!!!
    you look great -but some of us who were super morbid obese may never get there as our bypass ”delivers” at say 100 -140 lbs or so which most people will be at goal but some of us STILL have 100 lbs to go and no further weight losses insight
    So its hard to answer posts like this
    but well done to you my darling x
    you look great


    Hello Buddies everywhere
    Bill has been busy taking snaps of me. When I was 15 I did modelling for a photographer and it reminded me of it all the changing into different outfits between shots.
    My bedroom was a mess till I put them all away again. Anyway guys and gals here’s your very own Renn in the bedroom.
    Hope you enjoy me it’s 9 months next week since my bypass and I’m really content with my shape and don’t feel I’m going to need plastics after all.
    I buy most of my clothes in charity shops or if not sales. Yes I’m a real bargain hunter. As long as I keep my clothes on and Bill and I don’t get our eyes tested at 62 and 67 our eyesight means I look just perfect!
    Thanks to Shaw Somers! and all the team at Chichester.
    Renn (Madeleine)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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