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    For the first time since my bypass i have regrets, as some of you may know i’ve been having a few problems over the last few months, generally feeling unwell, tired, palpitations, tachycardia, upset tummy, just feeling horrible really.

    I saw a cardiologist at Xmas who confirmed my heart was good, thought all my problems were down to nutrtion, saw a lovely consultant on Thursday who agree’s although he is going to do some tests to exclude the nasties, although he says very unlikely.

    Basically i’ve been running off my reserves for some time now, and for whatever reason am not getting much nutrition from my diet so now my battery is flat. Don’t get me wrong i do eat 3 meals and 3 snacks most days as directed, always tried to eat protein as priority but now things have to change. He wants me to eat 8 small meals a day concentrating on complex carbs to give me the nutrition i’m lacking.

    I’m fed up with food, fed up with trying to eat when i don’t feel hungry, fed up with thinking about what i need to eat.

    I love my bypass as i’m 14 stone lighter, but seemed to have exchanged one set of eating problems for another. I know it wasn’t going to be easy, but i thought at over 2 years out i would be reaping the benfits and enjoying life a little more, instead i feel old & tired. I have actually thought this week that i wish i had never had it done!

    Sorry to moan, but feeling isolated and grumpy x


    Oh andy, i want to send you a very big hug…… I’m not in your boat, as i’m a band person, and only 3 1/2 months down the line. But i am feeling for you right now. Your weight loss is amazing, and i find it so sad you are not enjoying it. I really hope the docs help you to sort things out, so you can turn this around , and start to enjoy the rest of your life.

    Who said this was the easy option…………
    Best wishes

    ruby tuesday

    I feel for you, how rotten to have done so well, and be following ‘the rules’ yet find your body is not getting enough nutrition and has become unwell, I really hope this can be sorted for you, and that you do start to get more energy back, and find your heart is not so erratic. Please keep us posted, this is something that perhaps we need to be aware of further down the line, as many of us are still in the early days post-op, and we need to hear from those of you with more time in. Thank you for posting, even though you don’t feel so good, best wishes and a big hug. Ruby xx

    PS What would constitute more complex carbs?


    Hi Heidi & Ruby

    Thanks for your replies it is much appreciated.

    Andrea c

    ps More complex carbs are the whole grains, porridge, leafy green veg, nuts, seeds and things like that.


    Andrea, sorry you feel this way, lets hope the change in diet helps you to feel better and you can start enjoying your new body!
    Moan away!! sometimes you need to and at least here people understand.


    Hi Andy

    Oh dear, I do feel for you, I’m ten months post by-pass so still early days for me, relatively speaking, but I can hear the desperation in your post and I do feel for you, hang in there your in good hands at least your doctor is doing something to pinpoint the problem so hopefully it won’t be long before the problem is identified and you can start to enjoy your new life.

    Hang in there we’re all with you, and a big virtual hug is on its way to you.

    Lots of love

    ruby tuesday

    Andrea, I thought it included nuts and that one is easy enough, just a small handful of ones you like per day, also supermarkets now sell tubs of Munchy Seeds in the dried pulses section (Tesco) which are yummy. I carry a small round tupperware clip top container with a couple of oatmeal biscuits, a babybel cheese, few dried apricots, and sometimes a few pistachios so I have a snack with me, and because for some reason I am not so good with porridge or readybrek. Also, rye bread is fab for slow release hit of grains, just need one slice, one lovely lunch is a slice with prawns and hard boiled egg chopped on it, little mayo or natural yoghurt on the prawns, and few lettuce leaves (first had in Ikea- just lovely). You’ll get there I am sure, just little and often on the food front until it becomes natural. xx


    Hi Andy

    I’m over 3 and a half years out and I promise you, if you stick to the guidlines it all sorts itself out in the end. I have maintained my weight for almost 2 years now (lost 15st) and have had no problems nutrition-wise despite being vegetarian. I’m 53 this year but feel 20 years younger. I no longer concentrate on protein as everything is settled and healed. I eat 4 times a day and whatever I fancy. I eat very slowly and a small portion. In fact like a ‘normal’ person.
    There is always the problem of head hunger but I have found that because I can now tolerate the odd ‘treat’ it isn’t so much of a problem anymore and I don’t feel ‘cheated’.
    Food doesn’t govern my every waking thought like it used to as I’m too busy with my new life. I have regular blood tests and an annual ‘service’ so I know I’m healthy. I hope you give yourself a pat on the back every day for your amazing success?

    Doodah x


    Dear Doodah,
    How lovely to know you did so well with weight loss and keeping confidently well. Congrats on your wls success. My daughter is
    still pre op waiting for her first appt at the end of sept.
    Could you possibly give your opinion regarding this head hunger I mean if she is always addicted to food before surgery would this
    gastric bypass op be a success for her? She says feeling of fulness makes her content and so she takes big portion but I noticed
    she is addicted to wrong kind of fatty, sugary food which caused her weight gain. I just need to know from you all if post gastric
    bypass genuinely cuts hunger for longer term ??


    Hi Zinc and welcome

    I’m so excited for your daughter as I know what lies ahead!

    I have written quite extensively about head hunger as it is the one thing everybody who has had weight loss surgery has in common. The following is my own PERSONAL view of what head hunger is:

    I think of it as the demon in your ear who is in direct competition with the angel in the other. It tells you every negative thing you ever thought about yourself is true and the only way to shut it up it to stuff it full of terrible, unhealthy almost poisonous food in the hope that it will shrivel up and die. However, because it doesn’t actually exist, all you end up doing is feeding yourself all the crappy stuff. This in turn makes you more and more unhappy and disgusted with yourself – and the end result is that you confirm everything the demon ever said to you: you are worthless, greedy, lack self control and unloveable.

    The angel on the other shoulder can only get a look in when you have summoned enough mental energy to shut the demon head hunger up. The angel nurtures you, feeds you the right food, helps you to become healthier and even to manage a significant weight loss. You start to feel better about yourself and even feel a teensy bit proud and hopeful. You think you have cracked it. Then……LIFE throws you a curve ball and you get tired, stressed, uncertain. The demon considers this a banquet – it thrives on all your negative emotions, gets strong again and roars back into action…..

    This cycle is repeated over and over and over.

    Now we come to weight loss surgery. From the get go, you don’t feel hungry. This means you don’t want to eat hardly anything at all – good or bad. It means that for the first time in your life you are reliant on YOU. You have no demon putting you down but neither do you have one telling you how to recover. You have YOU. You are back on a level playing ground. You have a brand new start. This enables you to learn a whole new way of being around food. You can learn an alternative way of dealing with food without contantly being interupted.

    With a bypass you lose weight very rapidly so the elation it brings is absolutely incredible. If you stick to the guidlines and trust the surgery, it works. If you try high fat/sugar foods, it makes you feel so poorly that you may never attempt them again. Many people need to find a new addiction to replace food. I chose exercise and writing. To start with the exercise was literally sitting at the table with a hand bicycle but I tried every day to a little better. Then onto a recumbant bike to support my injured back then finally an ordinary one – always supporting my back. I made new goals every week and aimed as hard as I could for them. All the positive energy drowned out the head hunger demon so that even if it was chattering away, I couldn’t hear it.

    So, it is possible to kick head hunger to the curb but it takes effort and determination. It won’t ever go away completely as addictions never do, but weight loss surgery will give you the tools to fight it off constantly. Your daughter will become so engrossed in her brand new life that head hunger will take a hike as the free ride will be over. There won’t be that many negative emotions for it to feed off as she will be positive, healtheir and happier.

    I hope this all makes sense to you. Wls (weight loss surgery) puts you back in control and head hunger cannot survive in the mind of a strong, healthy person for too long. It will try to be heard but your daughter will be too busy feeling fabulous (and looking it too) to hear it. The sound of her laughing and having a fun new life will drown it out.

    I’m so looking forward to hearing all about her journey. Please keep in touch 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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