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Reducing my anti depressants

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    Hi All,
    Just back from the doctors and at long last she has agreed that I can start and try to come off my anti-depressants, been on these now for so many years that it is quite a frightening thought but also a very exciting thought. Last time I posted I was just about to see my son at his medal parade on his return from Afghan, he has not seen me since my op back in March and being 8 stones lighter he was amazed at how I looked but the best reaction was my grandson, he just kept looking at me and in the end said Granny you look wonderful, it is just like having a new Granny. Bless him.

    Elaine xx


    How wonderful . X x

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    Fantastic Elaine, youre doing so well. xx


    pass the hanky my way you! must be the proudest Granny around with your son home safely and your fantastic weight loss, good luck with your new medication review

    love Denise Xx


    well done all positive to give you that boost. All the best reducing the antidepressants.


    A BIG BIG well done, you must be sooo pleased, I know I was excited when I had my thyroid meds reduced but what would I give to come off completely, not going to happen but it will for you, I’m soooo pleased for you Elaine, and your weight loss is phenomenal, keep up the good work you are an inspiration to us all.

    Lots of love

    ruby tuesday

    Elaine, I am thrilled for you, not just on the fabulous 8 stone loss you have achieved which is life-changing, but the fact that has made you feel able to cope without anti-depressants, and I wish you well in reducing them. This in itself is a major achievement, as previously we might have turned emotionally to food for comfort, which post-op we cannot do, and to overcome that and also be able to deal with life events without the help of medication, which is something not all of us are able to do, is a very big deal! xx


    So pleased for you Elaine. What an achievement on both counts. Well done xx


    Hi Elaine,
    I can share your excitement about this, I too have reduced my antidepressants and it is wonderfull, my Dr agreed to reduce by 25% for 3 months and then re-asses, I’m 7 weeks into that now and haven’t noticed any difference which is great. Wishing you the same success.
    Nettie xx

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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