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Reassurance please?

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    It has been 6 months since I had my band fitted and have the ‘usual’ issues of getting used to the band…
    I find it more difficult to eat in the morning than at night but have lately find myself going back to old habits of bingeing in the evening on choc, crisps, ice cream.
    I know the answer is not to buy it in the first place …but knowing and doing is a different thing.
    I live on my own and try to keep busy in the evenings crafting etc, but am finding my relapses are becoming far more frequent.
    I still haven’t felt full since the op despite following the 20/20/20 rule, have mentioned this at my follow up appts but no solution apart from follow the 20/20/20 rule.

    Hoping that you kind people out there might be able to offer reassurance/guidance as worried that is the start of a very slippery slope!

    Thanks for reading my post

    oops sorry thought this was in the gastric band section, perhaps someone can move it ?


    Hi there well I had my band in November and have only felt restriction since my last fill. I have had 6 fills so far. Last fill it hit me like a ton of bricks. I no longer feel hungry all day. I am satisfied on a small plate if solid food. The key is solid food. Food that goes down too easy will slide right through the band. I eat alot of chicken salads and veg.
    They keep me full for longer. My weight loss was
    Up and down up to this point but since the last fill I am losing now.


    Thanks Natalie for your reply

    ~I am keeping to solid food most of the time but still feel hungry in the evenings and then ended up eating all the wrong foods, back to clinic in a few weeks so will see what they say then.

    Thanks for your help


    Have solid food in the evening time. I have 1300 calories a day. I split that up into 3 meals and a snack in the evening


    Thanks for this advice to tcraft natalie. there is no better substitute for someone who has recently had the same experience 😉

    I think we are all advised to incorporate plenty of protein in our daily food as it helps to keep us fuller for longer. this is particularly true of new bandsters and old bypassers like me ( 5 years out) as feeling full is what keeps us on target.

    Doodah x


    Defiantly Doodah I find babybels light are great and have only 40 cals. Also plenty if chicken with salads and plenty of fruit and veg nice solid bulky food. It’s all about the textures with the band


    Mini Babybel lights were my saviour in the beginning as I’m a veggie! The Marmite ones are pure heaven lol! Ooh, may have to get some now. I eat loads of cottage cheese too. Great consistency and very low in fat but high in protein. I put my own flavourings in it like chives, red onion, basil, peach, cranberries, blueberries and even cinnamon and nutmeg – it’s delish. Not all at the same time I might add.

    Salad is brilliant as it is raw. All the goodness and nutrients remain. Carol Ball’s books are great, as are her newsletters


    I also use her bariatric portion plate to keep me in check. What would we do without her?

    I love how you all help each other on here. None of us are ever alone 😉

    Doodah x

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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