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    The milk diet was tough but it was the focus at the end that kept me going! The first half of the week is the hardest!! I have had alot of stomach gurggling this afternoon but cant say i have felt hungry! i am just willing on my recovery now!! Didnt realise how much i used my stomach muscles like when you sit up in bed! Ouch!! xx


    Ok after a bit of advice now guys!! I am day 3 post surgery and not feeling to bad now!!! I have been eating soup and stewed apple and im a tad bit bored of that now, is there any suggestions as to some different things i can try? Also should i be taking any vitamins, i know i had to take the ones with the milk diet, but wasnt advised to take any after! Hope your all doing well xx


    Congratulations on your op and glad you are feeling ok. As far as I know you are on those vitamins for ever, but my advice is to phone up and just check.
    Elaine xx


    Hi there fellow bandster. Huge congrats on your op! I used to like Tescos Finest root vegetables from the 2nd week. Its a nice consistency. Or you could make your own. I was just lazy. Also cauliflower cheese mashed very well. All the best and keep us posted. x


    Thanks kingfisher it so nice to have someone who has been through it all!! I always worry about things, it is like are my portion sizes right, am I eating the right things, ami drinking enough!!! Any suggestions welcomed!!! X


    Im feeling really hungry this afternoon!! but i dont want to eat anything till dinner as i am so scared of stretching my pouch!!!


    Having had the band (now bypass) I can understand how bored you are with the food you’re eating. I just couldn’t face it at all after bypass until I realised the food they tell you to have is all sweet i.e. stewed fruit, yog, slimfast and the like. I then switched to savoury stuff as in home made soups which I’d had for the pre-op diet and the change was amazing. Never really been a sweet stuff lover and it took me about 5 days to twig after I’d got to the stage of prefering not to eat it than eat it. Make yourself up some nice veg soup with loads of veg and then blend it all up and water it down with milk if it’s too thick. It’s amazing how nice it is. My fav was pureed roast chicken dinner watered down with milk – believe me, it’s heaven on your taste buds after all that sweet stuff. Think it was the stuffing taste that did it for me lol.

    Are you feeling hungry or is it head hunger? I had a bad head hunger day yesterday and the old demons came back and I was disgusted with myself for eating a bag of crisps but they made me feel a bit odd for a while so back on track today thank god.

    Re the vits, I wasn’t ever on them in the time I had the band but that was back in 2001 so no doubt the advise has changed since then!



    I think its head hunger as i am bored at the mo, i am a really independent person and not being able to drive is doing my head in!!!!! Looking forward to getting back to work on tues!! I have lost 1st 6lb since 1st feb which is when i started my milk diet, so i am pleased with that!!! I am having a sloppy mince stew that i chew well and that seems to go down quite nicely! Just cant wait to be back to ‘normal’!! x


    Hi Guys,

    I am feeling so low at the moment its horrible, I think its the calm after the storm sort of thing!! Nervous about my first fill and just worried im not doing things right!!! This band should come with a handbook and a hug!! xx


    Can’t do much about the handbook but sending a huge cuddly hug x

    miss missy

    ah poor sure everything will be fine for you.its all so damn daunting isnt in a panic and i havnt rven had my bypass yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!big hugs from missy.xxxxxxxxxxxx

    chubby girl

    i had a band for 5 years and theres not a lot i dont know. im happy to chat to you about anything. if you private message me we can swap numbers if you like? sarah x

    Ms Ellie

    :grouphug:Hope you’re ok Rachmz??? ((((((((hugs)))))))


    Thanks Ms Ellie, just feel a bit deflated at the mo, think i have to much time to think at the mo!! Im back to work on tuesday which is probably best!! xx


    Sending you hugs Hope you are feeling better.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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