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    Hi guys,

    I have my op date for the 7th feb for gastric banding! I would love to hear your experiences and also any helpful hints you have for the lead up to the op and the op itself!!

    Thanks in advance!

    Rach xxx


    Hi Rach
    I have had gastric banding- best thing I ever did. In the lead up to the op just enjoy yourself knowing its going to happen and I guess try and find out all there is to know. Also be patient – it is a slower process than the bypass.
    Take it step by step I guess



    Hi Rach,

    Welcome to the Forum. Great news re your op. I have a band. I had mine in October. Feel free to ask any questions. Sarah


    Ok so i have 39 days to go now, and the nerves are building rapidly!!! xx


    Hi Buddy and welcome to you.
    Not long to go now.
    If you do as well as Fern you’ll do well. She looked amazing in the dancing. Hope you saw her -those legs wow.
    You’re doing the best thing coming on here and thanks to the guys who have come on with experience.
    Read the stories on the streamline site the ones with the pictures will inspire you.
    All the best
    Madeleine (Renn)

    Toni Russo

    I’ve just posted this in another forum. You may find this new book useful


    35 days to go now!!! I have seen loads of diff things about the milk diet! I think i am more worried about that than i am the op?!?!?


    Hi guys,
    Had my band fitted first thing yesterday morning and just got home now, feeling rather sore but deffinately not sorry for myself as this is the start of my beautiful future!! The staff at the Chichester suite and mr slater were all so loving, caring and helpful in every way! Hope your all doing well
    Rach xx


    Hi RAch, Congratulations and well done,
    Welcome to losers united…..
    Be sure to rest, potter and try to get your fill, it should hopefully be a troublefree recovery…

    Your adventure has begun, you have passed the first few hurdles…
    Wishinig you an amazing adventure

    Buzz xx


    Hi Rachmz
    Congratulations, how exciting! glad you are ok and just take things easy for a while. Summer is on its way and what a great one its gonna be, all that shopping……the mind boggles! xxxx.

    Ms Ellie

    Hey here Rachmz congratulations and welcome to the losers bench xxxx take things easy much love Ellie xxx


    Hi Rachmz
    Well done how exciting for you 2nd day in how are you feeling now?
    As you know I’m having my band next thursday and due to circumstances out of my control I will have to return to work on the Monday for 2 days which only gives me 3 days recovery so i’d be really greatful if you could give me some idea of how your feeling if your sore?
    You must be so excited knowing that every time you step on those scales now they will only go down (instead of up which has been the only way they have gone for me for years)!

    Lots of love


    Hiya k
    I think that you are very brave going back into work, I am uncomfortable still but all pain is dealt with paracetemol! I have had no problems with food which is good, have had soup, yogurt and stewwed apple so far! My energy levels are quite low at the mo but that is to be expected!! I bet you are so excited now!! They are all lovely at st Richards can’t praise them highly enough!! X


    I know but I really don’t have much choice though I will be at my desk all day. I am so excited and it’s great to speak to someon who has just had it done. How did u do on the milk diet? I’m struggling and its only day 2! have u felt hungry since the band? x


    congratulations keep us updated on how its going : )


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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