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    Hi i am currently on the milk diet for four weeks in which time i have got to lose 5% of my body weight.I have to go back on the 13th January and if i have lost this weight then six weeks later i will see the surgeon.My question is About the gap between the 13th January and six weeks later seeing the surgeon.Do i have to stay on the milk diet for the six weeks or do i go back on to normal food?Also between seeing the surgeon and the date of my operation,apart from the two weeks before when i know i have to do the milk diet,what happens then,milk or food?


    Hi Bambi,
    I am a little shocked to be honest…. 4 weeks on the milk diet sounds a bit harsh to say the least.
    It would worry me being on it for so long….. have you been asked to take vitamin supliments???
    I am not sure the milk diet for so long is good for you…

    Time in between I expect they will give you a diet similar to the one used for those who really cant manage the milk diet…

    You really should be questioning the request, not that i am medical proffesional, just never heard of this duration…

    Bless your cotton socks and rest assured we will be here for you…..

    Buzz x


    Hi Buzz
    thanks a lot for your reply but unfortunately it is four weeks on the milk diet.I think it differs from hospitail to hospitail.I am at Luton where did you go?Yes i am on vitamins.Thanks for your advice about diet inbetween apointments,that answers my question.Hope you have a lovely christmas,i am going to miss not having a christmas dinner but determined to lose the weight before January 13th.Hope to talk to you again soon.Thanks for support.


    Still sounds hard but hey…doctors orders.
    Just imagine hat a kick start to 2011 it will be….
    As for Christmas dinner, its just one, your have one next year..chin up…

    getting to the starting line is the hardest part for most. so count me in….. Im in support….

    go hilary go hilary… see I have started allready


    Buzz x


    Hi Bambi,

    I am having my op on the 13th January so I know what your going through a little as I am on the liver reducing diet which will have been for 5 weeks when i go in and going hard core next week as that will be my 2 weeks before.

    Christmas dinner … it’s only a big roast chicken at the end of the day isn’t it. I am sure you could probably manage with a small portion of the meat and veg just have things that grow above ground rather then below it, that is what I have been told and so far so good. I really don’t think a bit of lean meat and veg will hurt as even my dietician gave me Christmas day off, Like you I don’t want to jeopardise my op, so making some better choices with my menu and I will be having a couple of roast potatoes but then straight back on the wagon. I am making it low fat and sticking to the low GI principals so hopefully I won’t undo the good so far.

    Keep well sweetheart and have a little dinner as you do have to live too! That will keep you going as you won’t have felt miserable because you have missed out.

    Have a fabulous Christmas you ‘big loser’ and as streamliner says ” nothing tastes as good as slim”


    Hi Buzz and Pink Dancer,
    But been to have a peep at my weight on an electronic scales and at present have lost 5.5 pounds in the first five days.Was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t more,family think its good.
    Thanks for the support i will keep in touch.
    Hilary xx


    Hi Hilary,

    Over a pound a day I should be delighted if I were you! it will drop and plateau and drop and plateau but keep going. I even had a warm straight from the oven homemade mince pie put on my desk this morning but I left it there as I wasn’t hungry and then someone came along and I gave it to them, felt so good to actually be in control and not eat it, even through it looked and smelt so good.

    So come on we can do this together, 2 weeks and 6 days till our next big days. Then we can both take that next step even if we are on slightly different steps today, it won’t be long till you catch me up when you get your date.

    So 5.5lbs is disappointing ha? Well go and put 11 packs of butter in a bag and carry it around, and then see how you feel about it !! 11 packs of butter!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing fab well done xx

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there girls just wishing you all the very best for your up coming ops in 2011 xxx


    hi Mandi, thanks for the support and words of incouragement, they mean a lot to me as been very tearful over last few days but now i have found ive lost some weight i do feel a bit happier. i hadnt thought bout my weight loss in terms of packs of butter but now you point it out, you are right and that really helps. i have decided to have a xmas dinner tomorrow but promise to get back on track as soon as i get home. i feel guilty having the dinner but everyone has talked me into it and says i can still meet my target if i go straight back on the milk after the meal. i hope im doing right and wont regret it. anyway, i hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year, good luck with your op hun, please keep in touch. Hilary xxxx


    hi Miss Ellie,

    thanks alot hun. just want it to hurry up and get off this milk diet. have you had your op yet hun as i cant tell from your write up? hope you have a lovely xmas and a very healthy and happy new year. love Hilary xx


    Hi Hilary,

    Well – we are back onto it today aren’t we Christmas dinner done. The world is either conspiring against me or helping me, as just as I sat down to stuff my face with endless roast potatoes and stuffing I had an emergency call and had my 2 great nieces dropped off ( 2 1/2 yrs and 2 1/2 months) as their dad had an emergency dash to a relative in hospital who sadly died. So only just managed to eat some of my dinner and really didn’t want it anyway, as it was more fun cuddling the baby !!

    Went for a lovely walk ( skid on the ice) round the park in the afternoon howling with laughter at the kids ( ages 23, 20, 20 & 17) sliding about acting just like kids and my mum (age 65 – haha she will kill me).

    Another walk today somewhere I think too.

    Keep going we can do it.


    hi mandi. sorry to hear of your upset xmas day and that you missed out on your dinner. i did have a dinner, bit larger than i should have i think but had no wine, pudding or anything else whatsoever. the food was gorgeous but made it hard for today as iam really hungry and ratty with everyone but so far only had milk. please could you answer me a question hun. when i go back on the 13 jan and assuming ive lost my 5% body weight that they want me to loose, what happens then for the next 6 weeks before i see surgeon? do you stay on milk diet or can you have sum food? also same question between seeing surgeon and going in for op, i know 2 weeks before its a milk diet again but the rest of the time is it food or milk? please can you let me know. also how long was your op date please from seeing the surgeon? i know they all different but just wondered. i wish mine would hurry up, im just an impatient devil!!!! im really struggling at the mo and think i shouldnt have had that dinner yesterday as its put me back but im hopeing i can get back on track and not jack it in. you are doing really well hun. Hilary xx


    Dear Bambi

    Well done you!
    Your weight loss to date is great, keep positive and focused. Your journey will a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but what a great ride to be on!
    2011 will be your year, for making your dream come true. Look foward to the future and the rest will follow. xxxx.


    Hi Hilary

    Miss Ellie is one of our brightest stars she has lost over 100 lbs and is an inspiration and great support to us all on here. She has got her story up in the forum, is you have a look for it.

    I know what you mean as I am struggling a bit today and having my mum here is not making life very easy as we have to use up the leftovers which is not ideal.

    Glad you have your head in the right place. People have brought me some of the gummy sweets I love for Christmas and they are sitting by my chair calling me so I have moved away from them and come on here and got out my info from the hospital, as I plan on doing some cooking this week to freezer down for after my op.

    They will be disposed of later so they can’t keep on at me. That goes for the fruit cake my lovely friend made me as a treat. On the scales in the morning to get my head back into positive mode as I am beginning to feel like I am missing out and I could just have that one thing as I don’t need to to the main diet till Thursday!!! but won’t let myself have it and that is proving a little difficult at the mo.

    So keep going we can do this.

    Will come back to this as have to take puppy out for a wee….

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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