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Questions – part 2

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    Hiya All, hope your all doing good, Another couple of questions if I may firstly as I have quite a way to travel for my assesment I’m thinking of staying at a hotel over night the evening before, that way I won’t have to worry about traffic and over-sleeping and all that, can anyone recommend any? Nothing posh just clean and comfy.
    Next Q~ When having your op would you say night-dress or pj’s, didn’t know if with all the tubes and drains if one would be better then the other? Guess this is actually one for the ladies ! 😉
    Lastly, well for now…With a bypass would you mind sharing with me how long you had off work, and even if you had longer off then you needed how soon would you say you could have returned to work? Hope that made sense.
    Feels kinds like I’m getting ready for a holiday :dance:
    Hugs JoJo xxx


    Hi Jo,

    not sure about the first question but the second one I would say whatever you are comfy in. I was left in my lovely designer gown(sugery gown) for the first night and most of the next day till i was allowed to shower. I was lucky I didnt have a drain and by the time they took out the cathater i was allowed to shower straight after so just changed into my pj shorts. I would suggest something comfy as you dont want anything clingy and too tight.

    i was in hospital for 3 nights and then at home for 2 weeks. took my time with going back to work as I didnt want to just rush back. after the 2 weeks at home i went back full time and honestly I did find it hard for the first week, just very tired – guess my body was still getting used to the small amounts of food going in. I honestly think 2 weeks off was just about the right amount for me but everyone is different and everyone heals differently as well. Do NOT push yourself, remember you would have had major surgery!!

    when are you going in and where and who is doing it???

    Take care


    Thanks for the reply Kim, I’m due my assesment on the 28th Jan so not sure of a sugery date yet, I’d happily stay there and then! Not sure who I’m seeing but I did have Mr Slater’s secretary call me to confirm this week so I’m kinda presuming it may be him, from what I can tell though everyone at St Richards is fab anyway.
    Strange how January usually flies after Christmas, Not this year!!!:rolleyes:
    Thanks again JoJo xx


    Hi jojo,
    I come from gravesend and I was worried about missing the appointment so I stayed in a hotel just down the road. It’s the Chichester park hotel, they have a pool and stuff which was nice to relax in after the journey and I had a massage! Was not expensive, about £60. My op is on the 26th and we are staying there again as even though I’m on the afternoon list I don’t want to take a chance with the roads……… And I want a massage to calm me down.

    Your welcome to come to the ward to see me on your assessment day if you want to nose around or ask any questions about what I went through.

    Hope your assessment goes well, take care

    Ann-Marie x


    Hi Jo!

    Definitely take Ann-Marie up on her offer to go see her in the ward as it will help you know where you will be on the day of your surgery!! I must admit that was what was worrying me the most – where I will be sleeping! hee hee!!

    Good Luck for your Op on the 26th Ann-Marie!!


    Hi Jo

    I can’t help with the hotel question but with regards to the others:
    I took pjs and a nightdress (thought Pjs might rub on operation holes and be hard with catheter in but I was still in the gown when they took that out, like kim I stayed in their gown the first night then next day, washed, cathether out and put on PJs as I find pjs more comfy and the port holes were much higher than i had expected so they didnt’ rub at all)

    Time off:
    I took 4 weeks off…figured it was a good excuse to have sick time really…Mr Pring said 3 weeks and with my work being a good hours drive from home he said 4 might be a good idea so thats what I did. I think perhaps I could have gone back earlier, however, I have a stressful, long hours kind of job and feeling tired or a bit fuzzy headed is not good at all!! so I was glad for the 4 weeks.
    Its not really needing time off because you are in pain etc, its more that you get tired quite quickly and i found myself a bit befuddled easier than usual…all due to the significant decrease in calories.

    Ask your surgeon, he will know what type of job you have and what is normal..sounds like 3-4 weeks is the norm unless you do a lot of lifting


    I had PJ’s in hospital, until the catheter came out you will be in hospital gown anyway. If you want to take a bra to wear home take one that is a bit loose because on of the holes is right in the middle where your bra goes. Also a must is a pillow for the drive home. You can hold it over your tummy to lessen any bumps in the road and it feels like it gives extra protection.
    Another must have for the hospital is a breath fresh spray because you cant drink right after and your mouth will be very dry, it will help to make you feel more comfortable. There is little point in taking a book, you won’t want to read it as there is too much chatting to do with the staff and other patients. I also took a little stool because I am short and it made getting in and out of bed easier.
    I took 3 weeks off work from the day of my operation and I think that was just about right, any longer and I don’t think I would have wanted to go back to work 🙂
    Lots of good wishes to you and I hope you have as much fun in there as I did !


    Thanks all so much for your replies, espically the time off one as I was totally off with the amount of time I thought I’d need, there was me thinking I may be back after a week!!!
    Ann-Marie thanks for the hotel name I think I’ll go fo that one, looks really nice, and if you sure as long as your up to it and I’m not being seen by anyone during your visiting hours it would be lovely to pop in and see you, see how your doing and what it’s all about, I will have the hubby with me though if thats still ok let me, know I’ll inbox you my phone numbers that way you can let me know if your feeling up to it on the day.
    Thanks again everyone JoJo xx


    I took pj’s and because i didnt have a catheta i put my bottoms on during the evening that i had the op, the nirses were great and helped me, i felt safe lol once my rear end was covered, i was allowed to clean my teeth as well which helped with the freshening the mouth up and when i needed the pjama top on the just unatached my drip for a second so i could get my left arm in. My doctor has signed me ogg for four weeks to be on the safe side but he has said i have to go back and see him again before i return to work.

    Jo i should be driving again next week so it would be good to meet up for that coffee if you still want to

    good luck with your assessment
    Karen xxx


    god my typing awfull in that post … sorry folks … think i need my eyes tested again lol


    Hi Karen, it would be good to meet up for a coffee when your ready, I’ll inbox you my numbers, Thanks again people for you replies JoJo xx

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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