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    Hi iv been to docs she had a list of hospitals and a letter to say yes for funding. I picked st Richards and next to it it said I need to complete a questionaire and send it with referral and funding note. So I have come away from docs with a copy of funding letter, hospital list and questionaire, which includes what looks like a 5 day food diary. So do I need to complete that before I can go back to my doctor and get it sent off?? Did anyone else get a questionaire when picking st richards? Any help would be highly greatful. I don’t have a clue lol :-/ x

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    When I went to my GP and was told I had the funding for my bypass, between us we chose St Richards, she then sent of to them saying what we had decided and after about a week St Richards sent me a questionaire and a 5 day food diary which I had to send back to them after which they sent me a date for my pre assessment and I have not looked back since, so I guess what you have got from your GP is what I received from St Richards so my advice to you is to complete the questionaire and the food diary take it back to your GP and wait for your appointment to come through from St Richards, another piece of advice is to be very honest when filling in both as it does go to part of your pre assessment.
    Elaine xx


    Lovely thanks for your reply. On the list of hospitals next to st Richards was that we needed to download and complete questionaire and then send it in with copy of referral n funding letter. So il do the 5 day diary then head back to gp 🙂 x thanks again

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    Ps how long after you sent in the diary etc to st Richards did you have your appointment? X

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    Hi Lisa, I got my appointment letter a couple of weeks after my GP send the questionnaire and my appointment in another couple of weeks.
    I hope this help.

    Good luck,


    That’s great thanks 🙂

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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