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Question on Sugar Free Syrups

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    Hi I’ve just confirmed to go ahead with a band on 21st June and I hate milk so I am doing the pre-op diet for 7 days and the milk diet for 8 days.

    I have to find a way through it and adding flavouring is the only way how. I know it mentions Crusha Sugar Free syrup but there are a lot of other companies out there with different flavours as Crusha seems to be limited to something like 2.

    I am trying to get prepared for it as I would have to order those online. My question is:

    Am I allowed to use other brands of sugar free syrups or does it have to be Crusha? And why only them if that is the case?



    Hi Hannah,
    Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself with your first post.

    Sugars and sweeteners need to be avoided where possible, however, the relitively small amounts your be using in MY OPINION really should not make a great deal of difference.
    I’m not a surgeon, dietician or specialist of any sort, just trying to be realaistic with some suggestions. I would not like anyone to think I was breaking the rules for the diet they have suggested.

    Milk for a week or two is hard enough as it is without not having any flavour with it to perk it up a little…

    If you can manage without flavours all the better obviously.

    Not much help I am affraid… Just good luck, keep calm and do what you can… its all for very good reason and never a punishment.

    Stick around and get comfy, your need some buddies along the way to pick you up dust you off and set your on the straight and narrow occasionally.

    Good luck

    Buzz (Andy in Bognor)


    Thanks Buzz/Andy! (whatever you prefer to be called!)

    I have actually just spoken to Elaine my nurse and she says other brands are fine such as Da Vinci, Monin and Routin as long as they are the sugar free versions. I am 100% trying the White Chocolate Da Vinci one. For anyone in the future who would like some different flavours, after an hour of trying to find a white chocolate sugar free syrup, I finally found one from an English not American website called Welcome to Sugar Free Megastore | Sugar Free Megastore. They do all sorts for £599 for a 750ml bottle although reviews say any flavour you can get from Monin is richer and you use less but they are limited.

    I wish I could get through without flavours but I was one of only two kids who used to have water instead of milk at school because I just hate the taste on its own.

    Also, I had no idea but I can also have Bourneville cocoa powder with a couple of sweeteners for an evening hot chocolate.



    And by £599, I obviously meant £5.99!!!!! Oops!


    Ive 2 bottles of da vinci and im about 10-15 mins away from blue water, if you want them you just need to collect as they are glass bottles, msg me Irish cream and hazle nut, they have been opened but not used
    Jo xxx


    Hiya Songbird

    I think it’s much better to find something that will help make you stick to the milk diet than trying to just get by without it and risk struggling. That’s MY opinion anyway. I have sugar free syrup in my skinny latte several times a week!! But I’m three years post op and have almost lost all the weight I wanted.

    Good luck hon xxxx

    Doodah x


    Hi Hannah

    You’ve answered my question for me!! I went to an information evening last night and met Doodah!! (hello again!) and have an appointment with Shaw in 2 weeks. I don’t like milk on its own and haven’t drunk it in tea for nearly 13 years since I was pregnant and went of it so really wanted to find something to flavour it with and you have found it for me! Thank you. Good luck with your surgery XX


    LOL if only this site was here when i had my milk diet…lol….
    Sounds like heavan and I never thought of adding flavourings…..

    We live and learn…..

    Hope your managing.. having some special you time at normal meal times can take you away from the mayhemmm….

    Your be laughing at portion sizes soon enough….

    All the best

    Buzz xx


    Thanks everyone! I actually ended up buying 16, yes you heard it, 16 different flavours so I was very much set! I have a lot of syrup left but I understand it is good to use in cooking later! Op tomorrow!!! xxx


    Does anyone think that it would be useful to put up a thread about the various different flavours and where to get hold of them? Thought it might be handy like I found.


    @Songbird2000 16833 wrote:

    Does anyone think that it would be useful to put up a thread about the various different flavours and where to get hold of them? Thought it might be handy like I found.

    Most definitely a great idea as we will always need them!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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