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Question for the guys, but the girls can answer as well

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    Hi guys

    Been reading quite a bit about the nutrition requirements post bypass and I have got myself a bit confused.

    I was told by my team that I need to take a good quality multi vitamin for life (i take forcival) and then if blood tests show it necessary I may need to add other supplements, the trouble is just about everything I have read on the subject also says that in addition the the multivitamins I should also be taking a Calsium & vitamin D2 supplement as well. I know that the women amongst us need to keep there calsium levels up to protect them fom osteoporosis in later life but what about us guys.

    Should I be taking a calsium supplement or is the level of calsium in the Forceval good enough for the lesser sex.:(




    Why not have a word with your dietitian Paul. She will be able to explain what is right for YOU to be taking.

    Doodah x


    Thanks for the reply

    I will be seeing the dietitian on week 12 so will ask her then, I had my 6 week checkup yesterday and was told to only take additional vitamins and minerals if blood tests show they are needed, I am not due a blood test until 1 year post opp. I have read and re-read the streamline booklet and if I understand it correctly, the only time I need to anything extra to what I am getting from Forceval is if I have Certain conditions that prevent the absorbsorbtion of Calsium and Vit D.

    So basically I only need to take Forceval unless the one year blood test shows something amiss, unless for some reason I need a blood test earlier.




    I take the santagen gold a-z and minerals every day and a calcium supplement 2/3 times a weekand I have had my blood tested before the year and all of my levels were fine. I also tend to have a yogurt drink or milk every day as well as my morning “snack”.




    I take Sanatogen gold and calcium (middle aged women sometimes need to safeguard against osteoporosis and I already have arthritis) and my bloods have never been better! I always suffered terribly with anaemia but since having surgery (and going vegetarian) my blood count is really healthy. Pick the bones out of that (scuse the pun haha!)

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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