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    I everyone,

    Lisa here. I am just over 6 weeks post bypass and making good progress.

    I have absolutely no regrets at all.

    Eating is at times challenging. I am sometimes ambivalent at meal times, at others I can get an emotional pull.

    But most of all the problem artistes when I forget I have had the op and either drink too close to a meal or think I can manage something I am not quite ready for.

    I have my first follow up Monday with Mr Sommers and I am not sure what to expect. So if anyone can let me know that will be great.

    Weight loss was really quick for the first four weeks, (35lbs) and slowed up for a week but now in total I am 47lbs lighter. I can’t quite believe it.

    A funny thing happened in the car today too. As I waved a van to go first he gave me a little wink, u know. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the next ten mins. :). I think I have been repelling blokes for the past 5 years so this was a real ego boost.

    Anyway. I hope u r all having a good weekend. Bye for now.

    Lisa xx

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    Sounds like you’re found well Lisa. Congrats on the weight loss (and the wink!) x


    Grrr predictive text!! Supposed to say doing well not found well!! Lol

    ruby tuesday

    So pleased to hear about your weight loss, well done on that, and that you are happy, and I am sure you will find you keep turning heads as the new you emerges! xx


    Excellent feels good and will only get better im sure well done


    I remember getting a wink like that after wls. It felt fantastic!! It does so much for your confidence doesn’t it? That simple little thing. They will no doubt continue 😉

    Doodah xx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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