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    hi there.
    I am due to have my bypass surgery on the 14Th. june and am trying to get to grips with buying and preparing food before hand. has anyone got any suggestions for brand products that are less than. 3% fat and sugar. E.g yoghurt, cream cheese, whey protein etc. I have bought the cook book return to slender and have started making and freezing some of the recipes.but some of the products I have never heard of like lemonade crystals and protein isolate. I thought you couldn’t have lemonade?
    Sorry if I am being a bit thick but I want to get this right.


    Hi Janie,
    I am now 14 months bypass op and over 10 stones lighter. Like you I prepared and froze a lot of food before the op and to be honest with you I only used a couple of them and I threw the rest out a few months ago. I found that I ate a lot of mince mashed down with potatoe and veg or fish and veg and as long as any food was well cooked and could be mashed down with a fork and a sauce of some sort ie cheese sauce, parsley sauce, gravy etc and that I ate it slowly and chewed, chewed, chewed I was ok. Weetabix or porridge with mashed banana is good, any low fat or no fat yoghurt again the same with these ready made custards and rice puddings are good also. Just be aware of the sugar and fat contents of any products but really it is trial and error about what you can tolerate.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your op, where abouts are you having it, I had mine down at St Richards in Chichester.
    Elaine xx


    hi Elaine
    Thank you for your help. I am having mine done in Chichester with Mr Guy Slater.



    I don’t think you need to go as low as 3% sugar, I alway look at the total sugar being no more than 5% and then only if it’s sucrose based, if it’s fructose it can be a little higher at 6%, that was my understanding of the recomendations.

    Also in the early stage don’t worry about going too low fat, you will be eating very small amounts for the first couple of months and a bit of fat is very helpful and even needed by the body to help the digestive transit process.

    I also agree with Elaine regarding food prep, don’t bog yourself down worrying to much, just get yourself a hand bender and blitz everything for the first month and then mash everything for the second month. The only thing I had any issues with was red meat, they only way I could eat it was if it had been in the slow cooker all day, anything else wouldn’t stay down, even now 10 weeks post op I cannot eat red meat unless slow cooked and very soft.



    Hi Paul,
    I am 14 months post op and I stiil can’t eat red meat unless it has been really very very slowly cooked, only just now beginning to tolerate bread but again that has to be toasted and really slowly ate and chewed really well. Strange how one minute things are good and stay down and another time you eat them the pouch won’t have anything to do with it and rejects it, guess that it is the way it will be from now on, but I am not moaning about it would rather be like this than nearly hitting 25 stones and not being able to do anything.
    Janie as I said I had my op at St Richards by Mr John, best decission I have ever made, I have my life back.

    Elaine xx


    Hi Janie,
    Think you might be a bit confused with ideal %’s of fats and sugar. Most bariatric teams recommend that you keep fats to under 5% or 5g in every 100g (but there are a few exceptions since there are good fats where you can go a bit higher…like say avocado). Sugars are different and you will have a personal level…I don’t believe it is a % thing and 3% would be way too low. Look at carb level then sugar level and then check. As a bypass patient I find that the consumption in one hit is the one to consider. If I eat more than 7-10g of sugars (not carbs!) in one ‘hit’ or meal then I find I can be in trouble. Some people dump on less and some don’t dump at all….you’ll find your own level but don’t push it…’dumping’ isn’t fun!
    The Crystal Light I have recommended in ‘Return to Slender’ isn’t a lemonade as such…or at least is a flat lemonade tasting drink that I found useful for getting water/fluids in during the early stages after wls…it’s not fizzy and is a bit like a cordial but I think tastes better than most on offer. Protein isolate powder is also just a recomendation if you’re constantly falling short on your protein levels in the first few weeks/months. I think it saved me from unnecessary hair loss and I suggest one I like (that tastes great). It’s always better to get your protein from food though so look at introducing high protein dishes and foods into your menu. In both cases I have no link whatsoever with the firms involved…just my recommendation after spending a small fortune on many.
    As for making food ahead…I think it really does help, but don’t make a chore of it. It does however help when you just can’t face making something for 2 tbsp after wls. If you know someone who is also having surgery why not share mini pots for variety?
    If I can help with anything further food-wise then contact me or my website Recipes and advice for weight-loss surgery patients | Uncategorized | Bariatric Cookery or send me a personal message on here. Always delighted to help.
    And, moreover, good luck with June!
    Carol x


    Hi Janie
    I am 10 weeks post op and I did the same as you and cooked and froze some recipes in preparation. The majority of these went in the bin last week but it was useful to have some stuff ready in preparation as I really didn’t feel like cooking in the first week or so post op!
    I stick to the 5g rule in general for sugar and fats. Like Carol says, there are some things where it has been ok for me to go over (i.e. avocado, olive oil, some yogurts) but everyone is different, it really is trial and error but it doesn’t take long for you to really understand your own body. I too struggle with red meat, in fact, apart from wafer thin ham, I avoid it now and get my protein through fish, chicken, quorn and pulses. I also eat cheese and eggs (can only eat the yolks though)and try to eat a yogurt every day although I don’t always manage it. I seem to be ok with unleavened bread like wraps etc and I have managed toast but foamed and was sick on half a pitta bread the other day so it does change from day to day.
    My partner says its like weaning a baby and I suppose in some ways it is but I have no regrets at all and am really happy with my weight loss.
    good luck


    Hi have to agree with the comments above I keep to the 5% and under when looking at food I can manage toast but not pasta I followed the booklet thingy they gave me at the pre op for my inital diet even now there are things that I havent tried since before my op on 30/03/11 but I try 1 thing at a time to see if I react to it and if not it joins my “list” Like all of the others here I would never go back to where I was before. My op Was completed by Shaw Somers at Chichester and it has made me a new and better person including my personality which everyone agrees is much better now.




    Wow, we are all SO different aren’t we? I even fluctuate from day to day as to what I can have so play safe for as much of the time as is humanly possible. I just think that, just because you can tolerate something, doesn’t mean you should go ahead with it. I can eat chocolate but it’s not a wise move to have it :-@

    Jay, you made a very important and interesting point in your post. Not only does wls change our health and appearance, it really does make us nicer people!! We loose weight, feel healthier which makes us happier, nicer people. Wonderful isn’t it?

    Doodah x


    I does make us much happier – until it goes wrong and you find you can eat everything and anything and gain almost a stone back. For me, it’s now ruinned a relationship but I’m now in the right head place to tackle it again. Back on the pre-op diet and doing ok so far. I have had to just turn my head off to all food and it seems to have worked so far. For me, if I say I can’t have anything nice – that’s basically everything! then my head seems to accept it. I find it harder to cut portion sizes than I do to cut food out completely (other than my soup, yogurt and milk). Work that one out if you can!!


    I’m with you on that though Hazel. I found the milk diet liberating as it meant I didn’t have to make choices!! If I could live on soup even now I would. I’m not very good with grey areas so anything in black and white suits me. I have slight OCD tendancies so the milk diet really suited me as there was no room for any margin of error. I’m a stick-to-the-rules type of person but food was the one area I had no control over. Wls holds my hand and whispers in my ear what I should be doing: a bit like having a bigger, tougher angel on one shoulder than the slightly weedier devil on the other one lol!! I feed the angel in the hope of starving the devil. Just realsed I now sound completely INSANE hahaha!!

    Doodah x

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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