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    I get my band on Tuesday so I am planning on going shopping after work tomorrow to get some food in (can’t wait after a week of slim fast shakes).

    So I had a look around here and found the usual, soups, smoothies, fruit juice etc.

    However, on the diet sheet that the dietician gave me and I also got another one at my pre-op it says I can have the following post op in my first week.

    Low fat yoghurt
    Puree veg and potato
    puree fruit

    Is this not correct? She said a week of that followed by a week of mushed food and then the third week trying harder bust still slightly mushed but I can introduce crackers.

    Not really thinking about week 3 now but I don’t want to risk doing some damage week 1 if the foods I’ve been told I can eat I can’t as none of you seem to have eaten these week one from posts I’ve seen.



    Just go with the flow, see how you are personally after surgery. I was eating banana and toast during my first week as my band was empty and there wasn’t any restriction!!! It’s a few weeks/months down the line when you seriously need to think about what you eat!!! I’m 5 months post op and the things I struggle with hugely are banana and bread!!!! Strange how it works!

    Seriously, everybody is different and you really need to see how you are after your surgery! Good luck and I’ll look forward to hearing about your journey!! Xxx


    Like Sharlotte said, the list you have is a guideline not set in stone rules. Everyone is so different plus all surgeons and dietitians have their own ways of doing things. I should imagine that virtually anything liquidised would be fine as you don’t have to worry about dumping like us bypassers. Try things. if they don’t work, try something else then go back to the first one at a later date. keep trying things though as a varied diet is the most important one no matter what wls you have had.

    Woo Hoo – it’s tomorrow! One more sleep then you will receive the best gift you could possibly imagine. You all know that this is the bit I find the most exciting. Please keep in touch and let us know how it goes 😉

    Doodah x


    I am really excited, I think tonight and tomorrow I will probably be nervous. I’m being collected at 6.30 to get there for 7.30 and been told that my operation will be in the morning.

    I’ve lost 10lbs since starting this slimfast diet a week ago so that is a good start, hoping a bit more will drop off overnight.

    I’m worried I will get bored in there though. My husband came back with some magazines with him from America Bless him he also got me some different flavour slim fast drinks which are nicer than the UK flavours.

    How runny does “liquidised have to be”


    Ooh American mags – very interesting.

    Liquidised just means the consistency with which you would wean a baby – which is essentially what you will be food wise for a few weeks lol! If you need to ‘loosen’ it, just add a little hot water or stock to hot food or skim milk (or water) to cold. It will be very much trial and error and no doubt you will find your own way of doing things that work for you and what you like to eat and drink. When you do – please share it!!

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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