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    Hi, I had a roux-en-y gastric bypass March 2008 and have dropped from 26st 4lbs to 14st 8lbs going from a size 30/32 to 16/18 and am so grateful to the wonderful staff at St Richards for changing my life. I am still loosing weight but much slower now and have to be more careful with my food choices. Last year my husband and I were accepted for fertility treatment which has not been sucessful and have been told we need IVF. My whole experience with the fertility department has been awful as far as my weight is concerned, all they do is tell me I need to lose weight and are not interested in how much I’ve already lost. I have been told I need to get to 13.5 st before I can have IVF. I am struggling to stay motivated, the message I get from them is I have done well, but just not well enough, it is really getting me down and ofcourse this is having an affect on what I am eating. I need to hear some sucess stories of ladies who have had surgery and then had sucessful pregnancies or some advice on how to deal with the fertility dept, they have never had anyone who has had wls before and I don’t think they are treating me with much understanding. I thought about asking Mr Slater (who did my surgery) to speak to the consultant at the hospital, but don’t know if this is something that they would do as I know they are very busy changing other peoples lives! Thank you for reading this very long post!

    Davids Dad

    Hi ya, I know nothing about IVF, but I want to wish you and your husband the very best.
    Do not lose faith, if it’s to be IVF and you have to get to a certain weight to achieve your goal, then so be it, prove to everyone (including yourself) that you can do anything if you set your mind and heart to it.
    Ok so it might take a little bit more time but go on, show them all you can do it.



    I can understand how you feel, my husband and I have been trying for 4 years and Jan09 finally got to see a specialist on the NHS. They saw us 5 times in that year and never worked out what was wrong other than telling me I had to loose weight. I exercised like mad, did two 5ks…to a point where people started worrying about my obsession (I was not obsessed I hated it lol) but I barely lost a stone….the hospitals are obsessed with the BMI of 30 figure…even looking into going private they still want that BMI

    I think its disgusting that they wont take into account the weight you have lost so far….Please please dont loose heart, you have lost so much weight! you have one more stone to loose to meet their criteria, it will be worth it! I know 3 people who had IVF and its always worked (not always first time sometimes 2-3 times but ultimately it worked).

    Lose that extra stone and show them exactly what the heck you are made of!!! Tougher stuff than any of them!!

    It maybe worth speaking to Mr Somers and perhaps he can help?

    Best of luck and I really hope it works for you


    Hi, I wish you and your husband the very best of luck with your IVF treatment. The extra weight affects your chances of conceiving and then your pregnancy and delivery. You have done so well with the weight you have lost, stay movitated, you will do this. The staff i am sure regcognise and acknowledge the weight you have lost, but as with most things there are guidelines/policies which they have to follow, mainly so you will be successfull with your treatment. I would definately ask the consultant who performed your surgery to write a letter, it cannot do any harm.
    Goodluck. x

    Toni Russo


    I am just under 2 years out and reached a normal weight before trying to conceive

    I am now 30 weeks pregnant and there are no issues with the babies growth or my health – all is going well

    there is no gestational diabetes this time as like my past pregnancies

    good luck to everyone trying to conceive or worrieed about preganancy after a GB it has been fine for me


    Congratulations 🙂



    Congratulations to you. Wonderful news. Glad all is well at this very important time. Wonderful news about being free of the gestational diabetes.
    Keep in touch and update us on your dear little one when it arrives. This is a different and really positive aspect of the surgery and affects many of us.
    Renn (Madeleine)


    Congratulations! What wonderful news.

    Just a thought, are the wls team keeping an eye on you as well?



    congratulations x


    Many congratulations. So glad to know that all is going well.xx


    Way to go starry……

    Something that worries the younger ladies of the group ( maybe the older ones )
    Its good to here you have successfully reached your goal weight and that now your pregnant…

    Its the icing on the cake, perhaps thats a ploy for a name….???


    Buzz xx


    thanks everyone

    No the WLS team are quite happy for the consultant looking after me in pregnancy to take it all over – they scan me every 4 weeks to check her growth and I take extra iron.

    so St Richards team are not involved .

    will keep in touch



    Thats great news congratulations, i’m 34 and really need to get a few stone off as I would really like to start about a family as the clock is now ticking I keep think end of this year or start of next a s I don’t want to be to old and not have the energy.
    good luck and keep us posted here’s to you and baby for a perfect pregancy.


    Baby Esme arrived safe and sound at 36 weeks

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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