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Pre op diet

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    Hi guys,
    I had my pre assessment on Friday, all went well so its full steam ahead for 21st! I have to start the dreaded milk diet on Weds and I am not looking forward to it. Having read previous threads I am worried about needing the loo constantly or not needing it at all!!! Has anyone done the milk diet with no problems? At least I only have to do it for 1 week so will just have to grin and bear it, I will try and concentrate on the long term outcome.

    I had my weight confirmed on Friday so will now add it to my profile. Going to get my hubby to take some very unflattering pictures of me on Tuesday before any weight loss occurs, think it will be good to look back on in weeks/months to come to see how I’ve changed.

    Have a few nerves starting now, hope I’m doing the right thing. I have agonised over this decision for so long and hope I don’t regret it. Has anyone had the op and then wished they hadn’t? Stupid question I know but I was just wondering!!

    Hugs to you all :grouphug:



    Hi Sarah,

    The milk diet really isnt soo bad…
    I dont think I went anyway in particular, a little loose and then nothing….
    We all handle it in different ways but please do try to adhere to it…..
    AWlthough some struggle it is the best means of shrinking your liver which is a very delecate organ that has to be moved around dring surgery.
    Its important to try……

    4 pints fo me was a struggle in the end…. I love milk..and still do to this day.

    Worries are pretty natural, read all the old posts and you will see it is very very common, read some later posts and they will all say how easy things were…
    So I think we worry a little more for our loved ones and not ourselves.

    You have done your homework by what you write, you know whats what..

    Your with specialists, proffesionals in their field, their not going to let anything happen to you.
    Safe hands…

    Your be shouting from the roof tops just as soon as your over the milk diet and operation…..
    A breif recovery is required…

    You will notice the difference in weeks. months out your be extatic, a year out….. well……
    Just mark my words…your love it…

    All the best

    Buzz xx


    Hi Sarah, I didn’t have any problems with the milk diet and did it for 2 weeks. As Buzz has said, everyone has worries and concerns and you’ll see them all on here and then the positive advice to help you along. Where are you having your op and what type? Carol


    I didn’t have any problem either. I had to drink it with no added sugar Raspberry Crusha though! I was so sick of stuffing my face prior to starting the milk diet, it felt like I had no choice but to stick to it, and I felt I was back in control – the start of the weightloss journey! As soon as I was thinking of food, I could have another really cold milkshake, then jelly and goodness me – a marmite drink too! Good luck to you xxxx


    Hi SarahD
    I had to do milk diet for one week. I had no problems except trying to drink it all. I enjoyed the sugar free jelly too. I am sure you will sail throu. Anything you wish to ask pls do. Good luck xxx


    Hi guys

    Thanks for your words of encouragment.
    Buzz, you are a wealth of advice and always seem to be able to say the right things,
    Carol, I am due to have laparascopic gastric bypass with Shaw Somers at St Richards Chichester on 21st October,
    Petal, I have also stocked up on Strawberry crusha and vanilla flavouring to try and vary the milk,
    Brains, thanks for your comments, I have bought all the necessary supplies including lots of different jelly flavours so hope all goes well.

    I am planning my “last supper” for tomorrow night can’t decide which take away to have!!!!

    Will let you all know how I’m getting on

    Hugs to all:grouphug:


    Enjoy! Wish I could join you! xx


    I will mentally be sharing your takeaway tonight ha ha xx Enjoy xx It will not be your last but next time will be smaller portions.



    Just make sure your crusha is the sugar free type, you are very lucky to have found other flavours, I could only ever found stawberry. I also had no problems as made lots of cafe latte’s, milkshakes with crusha and iced coffee but just with a hint of coffee. The highlight of my day was my oxo cube yummy…. good luck it so worth it! xx


    PS……….. forgot to say I’ve been on this forum for nearly one year now and I don’t ever remember seeing one post that stated regret, the only regret I’ve seen and felt is that this wasn’t available sooner. xx


    hi sarahd im new on forum havin bypass in nov like u scaeed. but all reviws are positive. u will b fine. keep me posted as im nex in for op. all the best ur in good hands. my op is with mr.sommers at clementine churchil hosp.


    Hi Happy_singh
    Wecome :welcome: to our forum. I had bypass in June this year and am doing fine. I am sure you will too good luck xx

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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