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pre-op asssessment and tests

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    ruby tuesday

    Well, my bypass is this Thursday 18th am, and I went for my pre-op assessement and tests this morning, so thought I would put up about it for anyone wondering what happens.

    It took less than an hour, was just me and a nurse who checked through the form I had filled in and sent in previously, and asked me;

    Did I know what op I was having and when?
    Did I know my admission and discharge time?
    Had any of my medication changed?
    Have I ever been told I have sleep apnoea?
    Have I had mad cow disease? (Seriously)!
    Any blood pressure or heart problems?

    I had blood taken, MRSA cotton bud swabs taken from nostils and groin, an ECG to check my heart, height and weight check, temperature taken, checked for any open wounds/cuts, and then she talked me through the admission process, and how I would feel afterwards etc.

    So, nothing to worry anyone! For me, my blood results come back this afternoon, and they only ring me if there is a problem, for example if I was aenimic.

    Wish me luck!!


    Good luck not that your need it rubes….
    You have researched, you have asked all the questions and now your just about ready to make a difference…
    So just twiddle your thumbs… keep yourself busy and make for the hospital in plenty of time.

    Your get to relax some after the op, recovery takes a little time where your just frazzled silly, worn out..

    Your be on the otherside soon enough, and your love it….happy days…

    Wishing you every sucess your heart desires, and glad to be a little part of your journey.

    Buzz xx


    It has come round so quickly. When we first met it seemed like it was so far away the unobtainable and here you are just a few short days to go. We best move up the losers bench for you. Good luck although you don’t need any luck you just need to relax and belt up for the ride of your life…..hee hee xx
    See you tonight xxx


    All the best for Thursday ! I love my bypass and only 3 weeks out . I’ve lost a little over 2 St ( include milk diet ) but wore a summer skirt and vest today and although I still weigh 21 St I felt great wearing summer clothes , and actually felt I did look ok .

    Katherine . X x

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    ruby tuesday

    Thank you Katherine, and wow, over 2 stone in just this time, what a great acheivement! You have every right to enjoy summer clothes, and feel you look nice, as I am sure you do. I have lost 1/2 a stone in my 5 days on milk, with walking, and feel better even though I doubt I look different to anyone else, but half of the battle is the confidence returning in ourself I think, and feeling good about yourself means you carry yourself better, and engage with people more, and generally enjoy life more, so feeling proud of each weight loss is so important.

    Ruby xx


    You are so right ruby, you be very proud of your half a stone. The confidence will return as the weight comes off. I wish you well for your op on thursday. Stand tall girl. X


    All the very best Ruby not that you are going to need it, will be thinking of you.
    Elaine xx


    Hello Ruby

    Today is your special day. The day part of your life will start to get better and better. I wish you well. I’m glad you’ve got your close buddy coming to visit too. Well done Tinkly Roars.

    Once you feel like it we’ll all be there for you, as you know. You a very brave and special lady with that ‘old fashioned’ kindness not seen down the street much these days. Do email me on my website, or come on here with all your lovely buddies.

    I’ll always meet up for a coffee if you want once you feel ready and you have Doodah just round the corner too. Best wishes to you.

    As you say you’ll ‘be looking much better by Christmas.’

    Bye for now take care. Shaw Somers will look after you dear.

    God Bless

    Renn (Madeleine)xx

    ruby tuesday

    Madeline, you were incredibly kind to leave me a reasurring phone message answering my questions, and very wise. I appreciate the support very much indeed. I didn’t feel up to seeing Tinks, but once feeling less tired, will be keen to catch up with people, and am very lucky to have met so many lovely wls patients. xx


    I hope you are feeling well after your op. I have an influx of butterflies in my stomach since getting to my pre op date (tomorrow at 9am) so i am not looking forward to all of their friends moving in before the op date. I know I have the future to look forward to, but sometimes nerves get the better of us, and my WLS buds at Langstone have been a great help.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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