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Post op eating – how much is the correct amount to eat.

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    Hi all

    Help – need to know how much is the correct amount to eat on the pureed diet.

    I had two ice cubes of pureed veg, a tablespoon of chicken and the same of mashed potato, but didn’t eat it all. Had a bit of discomfort but not a full feeling and it was more on my drain site, did not feel like my tummy more the other side.

    pink lady

    Just eat little and often. You won’t need to eat alot. Its quite scarey to think you only need so little to eat. But just eat until you feel comfortable. Take Care Love Pinks X


    i was eating THOUSANDS of petit flous. As they are small. To begin with one of those would fill me up. Please high in calcuim & vitamin D. Eating about four of them a day. Plus mash tatties with gravy. Try parsnips & sprouts pureed aswell. I found one sprout would fill (depending on the size of them) me up.

    Remember dairylea triangles aswell. I am eating loads of them aswell. They are good for your ‘snacks’. Filled me up. Plus I adore dairylea aswell.


    I had my op on 11th Jan and I can eat a whole weetabix in loads of milk for breakfast (takes about half an hour to eat), a portion pot (the size of a small cup) of shep pie and veg and the same size pot of curry for dinner along with the odd rich tea biscuit, milk and bit of cheese. All meals take me ages to eat though but I like to think of it as savouring the flavour. I find it’s harder to actually fancy eating than eating itself but savoury is def my friend right now as it makes me feel more inclined to eat. Hope that helps. It doesn’t address the question of how much we should be eating post op but I’ve tried to listen to my body and friend on this one. If you can’t force it in then there’s no point in worrying too much, I’m sure it will come eventually. I do find the whole day is a huge graze though but if it gets what we need inside then who cares!



    Oh and I find when I get a bit of discomfort (it’s that stitch pain for me under my left rib) it’s usually because the puree is a little too thick so water or milk it down a bit more. Just a tip I’ve found works for me.


    @hazelann70 11925 wrote:

    Oh and I find when I get a bit of discomfort (it’s that stitch pain for me under my left rib) it’s usually because the puree is a little too thick so water or milk it down a bit more. Just a tip I’ve found works for me.

    I had my operation on the 20th December. I still have got pain under my left ribs….

    sue wants 2 be thin

    Pink Dancer,aka Mandy,you are eating more than i am and i am 9 weeks post op tomorrow,i e-mailed skinny minny today (dietician) but still no reply, why am i not surprised.Glad you a feeling a little better. Hugs Sue x x


    Hi Mandi,
    I found the first couple of weeks it just seemed like I was drinking then eating then drinking then eating then drinking then eating then time for bed up in morning drinking then eating etc etc etc. It took soo long to eat just a small amount and your tum will tell you when you have had enough, do NOT eat more than you feel you can. As soon as you feel a bit close to being full then stop eating.
    Hope that helps

    Love and Hugs xx


    Hi Guys

    Try not to worry too much about what you can eat whilst you are still eating pureed/sloppy foods. You will find your restriction really kicks in when you move on to more textured foods. Everyone is different and some people can only eat a very small amount of sloppies, whilst others are surprised at how much they can manage. Try not to compare yourselves to others and remember to eat really slowly and stop the minute you feel satisfied – it can take quite a while to get used to the satisfied feeling, but you will – for me, when I have eaten enough, my nose starts to run! Bizarre! Another mouthful after that and I would be PBing…

    Take care all


    I am worried as I am eating far too quick but with no adverse side effects! I can have half a weetabix in a few mins, surley that is wrong? It does worry me as I dont feel ill or full or anything and I am getting hunger pains in the evening too 🙁 any advice? x


    Sloppy foods can be easier to digest because they just slide through with little restriction. As you bulk up things will change for sure… please dont worry.

    Every operation is different, pouch sizes vary with each patient depening onhowthe surgeon wants it to be, some have larger pouches than others, some might have the intestine routed in a way the food slides through easier… Its not an exact science.

    Half a weetabix is ok… the only thing it wont be doing is helping with head hunger…. you might feel you want more because the whole process has been that much quicker…. Whilst you dont want to struggle you might want to make the texture a little thicker with less milk. might make it take a little longer. or if your not using a teaspoon try that old trick…. take longer and svour the moment….:)
    good luck

    Buzz x


    I’m now just over 5 weeks post op and was horrified that I could eat a whole slice of toast, baked beans and a poached egg yesterday. It did take me about an hour to eat and I too don’t get a full up feeling but do tend to eat very very slowly. I then had a teeny tiny bit of pork with veg for dinner (all chewed up to past the mash stage and more slop in the mouth) and again, didn’t get the full up feeling but I then went out to parents eve and found I’d probably eaten one mouthful too many as I felt it had backed up a bit but once the girgling burp was released, I felt fine. It’s a right ole game this isn’t it!!


    Thank you for your replies 🙂
    I am glad I am not totally strange! But it still worries me how I cannot stop from eating fast 🙁 I feel I need to control this now while I can, but I dont get any problems (touch wood) and dont feel much different to before surgery although I know I cant have big portions…all a bit too easy atm and I am wondering where its all gonna go wrong. Maybe when I am on more solid food then?

    Ms Ellie

    Noodlex still to this day I have to keep reminding myself to eat slowly, chew chew chew and not to gulp my water down… Hopefully I’m slowly learning this as I am sure you will too!

    Much love Ellie xxx


    Hi Pinkdancer

    Please see Carol’s cookbook for help and ideas at this stage if you have it. Phone your Dietician for advice too. All the posts on here to reply to you are most helpful too. You can aleways pm me on my website too and I’ll spend more time detailing some ideas to see if that helps. You’ve been through alot and are still recovering.
    Are you able to sip plenty of water regularly? remember half hour either side of eating.
    I always had three meals a day and three small small snacks which is what I had in Chichester. I tried to gradually eat like that.
    Eat your protein first and calcium- I believe your dairy free?
    Give yourself a while to recover while you’re doing your best like you are.
    Take care. I’m here if you need me.
    Bye dear
    Renn(Madeleine-a buddie)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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