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    Hi folks, quick question… I had my bypass three weeks ago today (woo hoo!) and I’ve got an apt next Friday to see Guy Slater and I think the dietician. I just wondered if anyone could tell me what to expect from this first check up? Will I be having blood tests or anything? I’m soooo tired lately, if I sit down at all I’m in danger of falling asleep!

    Other than the tiredness I’m feeling fine, managing to eat my purees etc. just wondered if there is anything else I could be doing or eating to stop the tiredness!
    Thanks in advance


    Hi Claire. The appt is absolutely nothing to worry about. They will weigh you and you will then get to talk to Guy Slater and probably the dietician.

    Please remmeber that you had major surgery only 3 weeks ago so you will naturally still feel very tired. Your body had gone though a massive change and it still trying to get used to it. This requires massive amounts of energy which you can’t give it due to the surgery therefore, your body is trying to slow down to conserve some. Be absolutely rigorous in your fluid intake and start taking multi vits and minerals asap if you haven’t already. We can survive weeks without food but hours without fluid. Vits and mins can be provided in liquid form on precription form your GP as can quite a few medications.

    Your body is trying to make you sleep so it can repair itself – why not listen to it? If you are not back at work yet, treat yourself like a newborn and nap when you need it. I always thought it was like being a baby again – lots of rest, sleep and comfort required and eventually, weaning back onto solids (but not the nappy or dribbling haha!)

    Let us know how you get on. Good luck .

    Doodah x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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