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    Hi Rubyling
    I have my appt too on Wednesday! At 15:00!!
    I was wondering about eggs too! We will have to see what Elaine says! Xxxx


    Hi Rubybling – don’t be disheartened with the scales. I am looking forward to seeing what happens on the scales on Wednesday. My appointment is from 12.40 so hopefully see you and Janice there. I had some mash and half fat cheddar tonight and it was nice but I wonder how much cheese I should be adding as I don’t want to overdo it, any advice?

    I have just had some muller light mixed with natural yogurt, that was nice.

    Have you still got your hospital socks on Janice? I am so hot in mine today and would like to take them off. I think Rubybling has had hers off for a while – how are you finding that?

    Sorry for the ramble.

    Floydee x


    Great I will get there early so I can meet you both!

    I have normal cheese with mind and it seems to be fine!

    I took my socks off on night 7 I think that’s what it says in the book!! Once you are moving around you only need it at night and then stop at night 7!! It is too it for that ya the moment!

    Talk soon xxx


    I had tried soft scrambled egg the day or so before my 2 week check up and it was fine, used one egg and ate about half maybe less! It was just so nice to have a change. Had a cheese omelette tonight. Not much cheese as like you said not sure how much to add.


    I usually add about one tablespoonful of grated cheese to a ramekin full of mashed potato and let it melt into it. I use normal cheese too.
    My appointment isn’t until 5pm, so I probably will not see you then.
    I have had my socks off for ages, just couldn’t deal with them.
    I am not a fan of yoghurt, but I did have some chocolate flavour, no added sugar Angel Delight which was absolutely delicious!!
    Unfortunately, I do not seem to have any aversion to sweet food as I do enjoy sugar-free jellies and now Angel Delight.
    I think I may have a try with an egg on Monday for breakfast as I am really bored of half a weetabix. Will let you know how I get on.


    I am due for the bypass on 16th and am still not certain in my head what runny purée is…
    When you are having mash and cheese, how runny is it?
    Do you mix with milk etc?
    Confused of ascot 🙂


    @londonmag 25708 wrote:

    I am due for the bypass on 16th and am still not certain in my head what runny purée is…
    When you are having mash and cheese, how runny is it?
    Do you mix with milk etc?
    Confused of ascot 🙂

    Hi confused of Ascot!!

    I used skimmed milk to vary the consistency of my food. Extra calcium, fluids and (Almost) no fat. If I was having something more savoury, I used a little stock. Just keep adding it until you reach the required thickness/lumpiness (is that even a word?!)

    Hope that helps.

    Doodah x

    ps you will be given a guideline regarding the different stages you should/could be on from week to week on discharge from hospital. Everyone is different so it really is only a guidline 😉


    Hi Keith

    I thought I had got myself all ready when I went into hospital. I had cooked up my food and served it all up into small pots and put it into the freezer, thinking I would take it out of the freezer the night before and put it into the liquidiser and all would be done, but no it isn’t easy to liquidise such a small amount even if you add a little gravy, milk or hot water.

    I came home and made a complete mess of the first night’s meal and then decided that I had to revamp the rest of my meals, much that I didn’t feel like making an effort, but now I have it down to a fine art. The food is liquidised and then sieved and potted up and kept in the fridge or freezer it looks just like a thickish soup but goes down really well you have to remember your new stomach will need time to heal and the smoother and more runny the food is the easier it is to consume. As you appear to be funding yourself like me I assume you have been given the booklet Gastric Bypass the journey begins here, this gives you all you need to know and how and what to eat for the first 12 weeks.

    I assure you the easier the food goes down the easier you’ll manage, I am still a novice as I have been home just under a week and it seems to have been a long week and my husband has had alot of washing up not everything will fit in the dishwasher.

    Somewhere in one of your posts you mention soluble pain relief this was a serious problem for me as it made me feel very sick as there are small bubbles in it and this delayed my departure from hospital, like fizzy drinks, beer etc the bubbles come back up. Initially my pain relief was intravenous, then onto soluble for a short time, and then in liquid form and then by the time I left hospital I was taking tablets with liquid as well, the tablets I had to break up for the first few days. Also your blood pressure pills, but I do not have to take these any longer someone waved a magic wand, I went in on Ramipril and came out without needing it.

    I had the thoughts of heart failure, pulmonary embolism etc and I had a risk of going to a full blown haemorrage as well but all went well and my discharge form stated “straightforward surgery” well what a relief. I have to inject myself daily like most of the others who have had surgery, for a couple of weeks to thin the blood oh and I am wearing my anti-embolism stockings at night or if I’m inactive ( I’m someone who needs a lot of sleep so sometimes end up going back to bed for more sleep). But your having Shaw like I did, what a tonic I don’t think he ever stops smiling and is such an inspiration.

    If you don’t mind me asking…Where are you having your op ?

    Wishing you all the best on joining the losers bench! Doodah helped me on my way as did Shaw.




    Thank you so much for your kind words, advice and support !

    I am having the operation at the clementine Churchill hospital and am hoping it is an early kick off !

    Having to be there at 7 makes it a long day, so am hoping, I have my pre-op tests and checks and am straight down for it.

    Waiting in the room for 5-6 hours will not be fun, but I guess the lists aren’t that long as 2 bypasses in a day will take 6 hours I guess start to finish.

    Maybe its pointless second guessing, but I think it makes me feel better ?

    I have been told there will be a temperature and BP check, so perhaps it can be quick and I can see what is on tv to distract me ?

    Not certain what my wife will do in terms of waiting, but guess it will be an eternity for her irrespective of whatever happens

    Thank you so much again – I really hope I can be as positive for others after my op.



    We are all here for each other. So much so, that only one week after my extensive surgery, I am sat up in bed, laptop on and back here reading all your lovely posts. You guys are the best.

    It’s such an old cliche but the wls community really does become extended family. We all completely understand how we feel and think so no explanation is neccesary quite often! The other thing I love is that there is NEVER any judgement – even if we are making mistakes.

    We can all get each other through this….

    Doodah x

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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